Bekasi – The puzzle of the death of an unidentified man found at the Jatiwaringin expressway exit found a bright spot. The victim is known Sama Saswata (60), a resident of Kampung Legok Kemang RT 01/06, District Nanggung, Bogor Regency, who works as an online taxi driver.

Metro Police Chief Bekasi Kota, Police Commissioner Umar Surya Fana said Saswata was allegedly killed by his own passengers, because they could not afford the online taxi rental rate of Rp 180 thousand.

Each actor who has been caught is HE aka Joe (26), JCS aka Ichal (29), BR aka Izer (22) and the other one is included in the list of people search (DPO) IK aka Ical, “said Umar in Bekasi , Friday (19/11/2016).

Umar explained that the incident started on Wednesday, November 16, 2016. At that time, the perpetrator of BR aka Izer ordered a taxi online from Jalan Aziman III Bogor with the aim of one of the largest supermarket in Pondok Gede.

The perpetrator then ordered the vehicle using his friend’s cell phone, Riswan alias Rifan. Not long after, came the car ridden victim type Toyota Avanza silver numbered police B-1162-UIG.

“The perpetrator booked the victim’s car in a drunken state from Bogor to Bekasi,” said Umar.

Arriving at the destination, apparently the offender went directly and did not want to pay Argo that has been listed in the application. Victims who do not receive, then reprimand the perpetrator until there check-bro mouth between them.

“The victim descended with the intention of asking for a fee.The suspect refused while repelling the victim with the word ‘Already there go … I am baseball there is money,” said Umar, imitating the actor’s words at that time.

Engage Mouth Mouth

After the argument, the victim, said Umar, pulled the collar of a suspect. It triggers the suspect to get upset. The perpetrator then swung the barrage to the face of the taxi driver online.

Along with that, he added, another fellow actor, HE aka Joe, JCS aka Ichal and IK aka Ical (DPO), who was not far away at the location approached them. The three actors who were also binge drinking, then gang victim. By the perpetrators, the body and face of the victim had been trampled.

“Actors HE alias Joe then came and immediately stabbed the victim using a screwdriver flower on the chest and back, until finally the victim died,” he explained.

Not satisfied with that, the perpetrators who have a tattoo on his body, then put the victim into the vehicle and naked body.

“The victim’s clothing and HP by the perpetrators were thrown into the river, and then the vehicle was brought into the Toll: At 04.00 am on Wednesday (16 November 2016), vehicles and casualties were staying at Jatiwaringin Toll Road,” said Umar.

Umar said, on the alertness of Polokek Pondokgede police unit led by Kasatreskrim, Police Commissioner Dedy Supriadi, finally the officer within 2 days, took the perpetrators from different places in Bekasi area.

“The perpetrators were arrested after the members confirmed the management of the victim company, by requesting the last number of the ordering.” The perpetrator we first arrested BR aka Izer, at Rawa Bugel market, North Bekasi, on Friday (18/11), “said Umar.

As a result of his actions, the perpetrators snared with Article 338 and or 170 verses 3 of the Criminal Code with the threat of a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.