, Palembang – The suspected murder of an online taxi driver in Palembang, South Sumatra (Sumsel), turned out to have planned the crime based on the results of the incident reconstruction carried out Sub Directorate III Jatanras Ditreskrium Polda Sumsel.

A total of 16 scenes played by the defendant in the reconstruction of events were carried out in the backyard of the Jatanras Subdit III Building Ditreskrium of North Sumatra Regional Police, Palembang, Tuesday, May 8, 2018, which also revealed the murder case of Go-Car driver Tri Widyanto.

Reported by Antara, in the reconstruction, only two suspects were presented directly, namely Tyas Dryantama and Bayu Irmansyah. Meanwhile, two suspects of Poniman and Hengki Sulaiman were played by officers because both had been shot dead by the police.

The four perpetrators initially gathered in the boarding room of Tyas Dryantama on Jalan Captain Anwar Arsyad, Way Hitam, Ilir Barat I District on February 12, 2018 to plan a robbery against online taxi drivers. Then, they immediately prepared the rope.

The next day, Bayu Irmansyah created a Facebook account and an online taxi consumer account using Poniman’s cellphone. On February 15, 2018, they again gathered at the Tyas Dryantama boarding house to realize the murder plan.

At that time, Bayu immediately ordered Go-Car using Poniman’s cellphone. Tyas Dryantama then directed the driver to pick them up at Jalan Kapten Anwar Arsyad, Way Hitam, Ilir Barat I Subdistrict, Palembang.

Soon, online taxi driver Tri Widyantoro arrived at the pickup location. The four suspects went straight into the car to go to Kenten Laut.

At that time, the suspect Bayu Irmansyah sat beside the driver, while Hengki Sulaiman sat behind the driver, Tyas Dryantama sat in the middle seat and Poniman was beside him.

Murder at the Palm Garden

Mahasiswa Palembang Jadi Pelaku Pembunuhan Sopir Taksi Online

Arriving at the oil palm plantation in the Tanjung Lago area, Bayuasin, the suspect Bayu pretended to pay a fee and told the victim to pull over. At that time, the suspect Hengki who sat in the back immediately pulled out the rope and ensnared the victim’s neck helpless.

Then, the bodies of the victims were dumped in the direction of the swamps not far from the location of the victim snared and finally the skeleton was found in March or two months later.

After killing the victim, the perpetrators immediately took the Daihatsu Xenia brand car and the victim’s cellphone and sold it at the International Plaza shopping center.

Kanit I Subdistrict III of Jatanras Ditreskrium of North Sumatra Regional Police Kompol Antoni Adhi said that after this reconstruction, it would be continued with the transfer of files to the Attorney General for both suspects to continue legal proceedings in court.

The case of the disappearance of the Go-Car Try Widyanto driver had attracted the attention of the people of Palembang and its surroundings because his body had not been found for nearly two months. Try’s mystery of disappearance provoked sympathy from online taxi drivers in the city.