Sumedang – Suharto aka Alex, an online taxi driver, was found dead deadly on an Perhutani land in Sumedang. Before he died, Alex had sent a mysterious message to his friend.

Screenshot Chat between Alex and his friend through the messaging application is also viral on social media (social media) along with information on Alex’s loss that was spread before being found dead. Sumedang Police Chief AKBP Hartoyo also provided a screenshot of the message.

In the message, Alex sends the last location where he is. It is known, the location is in Subang.

“If anything happens, this is the location. I’m stuck bro,” Alex wrote when sending a message to his colleague.

His colleague then replied to Alex’s chat. “Why is it with you. Ping. Fleeing people bro. Crazy is Pamanukan Subang, far away,” wrote his friend. The reply from his friend was not returned by Alex.

Chat between Alex and his friend had also been written in the information about Alex’s loss which was spread in social media. The informant mentioned that after the message, the recipient of the message had called Alex but was not answered.

“Our friend. Alex from the White Car Indonesia community last night at around 6:00 p.m. was carrying a passenger from the direction of Bekasi to Subang and lost contact around 17:00 in the Ciasem / Pamanukan Subang area, the latest information contacting his fellow car community through whats app was happening the problem in the unclean area … but after contact, it was called but it was rejected and until now the cellphone is not active …
The last GPS info is inactive …, “wrote the information.

The Sumedang police chief said Alex had indeed given a message to his friend. In fact, the police had called Alex’s colleague sent a message.

“We have called and asked for information,” Hartoyo said via a short message on Wednesday (1/8/2018).

The body of the man suspected of being an online taxi driver was found by residents who crossed the Perhutani land on Jalan Buah Dua – Sanca Blok Cinambo, Gendereh Hamlet, Gendereh Village, Buah Dua Sub-District, Sumedang District, this morning. When found, the man’s body was full of bruises.