KARAWANG.- Four flocks of robbers as well as killers of online taxi drivers arrested the ranks of Car Rescue Detectives (Resmob) Police resort Karawang from different places.
They claimed to have planned the action because it requires a lot of money to join MLM business (multilevel marketing). Despite the assassination, the band of thugs did not feel sorry. They are even proud of his actions.
"Based on the examination, the perpetrators tell their evil deeds to their female friends," said Head of Resort Police Karawang, Andi Herindra, when contacted Sunday, May 21, 2017.
Andi said the arrest of the criminal gang started from the discovery of unidentified male corpse in the bundle of Round Road of Outer Ring Road Karawang, Sunday, May 14, 2017. The condition of the corpse was rotted with the neck caught in a rope and hands tied. to the back.
After being traced, the corpse was an online taxi driver, Humaedi Syarifudin, a resident of Mustikajaya Sub-district, Bekasi City. "Our members immediately tracked down, who was the last buyer of the taxi," said Andi.
The data obtained from the taxi company showed that the four actors were service users of Humaedi Syarifudin. They are MT (19), who was arrested at Jakarta Kota Station on Saturday night. Separately, police also arrested two men, DK (19) and RA (20). A day earlier, the police had arrested more suspects Y in Sukabumi.

“Yayat we caught first.Based on Yayat information, they rob because it takes money Rp 10 million as a condition to become MLM business network workers,” said Andi.

Almost blurred

Mentioned, after killing and throwing the bodies of the taxi driver online into the paddy field, they sell the car Avanza silver rampokannya to Brebes, Central Java. The four perpetrators are still being examined in Mapolres Karawang. “The police are also searching for the involvement of RM (22), the woman who was arrested with MT at Jakarta Kota Station,” said Andi. It is said, the arrest of the perpetrators requires hard work. Because, they had time to fight when arrested. In fact, one of them almost managed to escape. “There was a fight, and the suspect was almost blurred, so it was crowded at the time of arrest, the officers did not dare to issue warning shots because there were so many people at the station,” he said.