Jakarta – Although disabled, Dede Atmo Pernoto, still has the spirit. The man who is familiarly known as Dede Yusuf is an online motorcycle driver in the area of ​​Tegal, Central Java. To attract motorcycle taxi online, Dede uses a three-wheeled motorcycle.

Long before becoming an online motorcycle driver, Dede had long riding a three-wheeled motorcycle. Since 2011 the man who used to wear a wheelchair that uses a three-wheeled motor for mobility.

In the past, in 2011, the family was worried when Dede rode his own three-wheeled motorcycle. In fact, bitter experience had happened.

“Indeed, I experienced that experience when I fit again the road to the motorcycle biker who brought basket chicken.Sangang (motor) I nudged, I finally rolled to the wound in the face.But that’s not discouraged.In fact it makes me more careful again on the road, “Dede told detikOto.

At that time, the family was very worried about Dede. Some even cried and hoped Dede would not ride the motor again.

“But I think that if I do not go anywhere else I’m isolated, can not see the outside world, I finally assure the family that I’ll be fine, and I’ll be careful on the road,” Dede said.

But that was the case first, long before Dede became an online motorcycle driver. Now, Dede has pocketed SIM D. Dede was appointed as a pioneer of safety driving by Tegal Police in Slawi.

“There I and other friends got training for the requirements of the application to make the SIM D. There we finally appointed by the Tegal Police in Slawi to be the pioneer of motorcycle safety, I also have coaching how to drive on the road,” said Dede .

As a pioneer of safety driving, Dede has a role to facilitate disabled colleagues who do not have a driver’s license. Along with Dede, other difables who do not have SIM D will share.

“We directed to the police station to have a SIM D by following all the process until the hurdles (prakrtik exam) .If there is no training feared difabel friends carelessly on the road, so there is training, that’s what makes us know how the user on roads, signs and so on, “said Dede.

During an online motorcycle driver, Dede always finish his orders. When met the customer ojek online was made Dede as experience.

“It was an experience for me and for the community that I can deliver it to completion, I prove it when I receive the order again and to finish it, and the positive response from the public is a lot,” Dede said. (rgr / ddn)


Source Rangga Rahadiansyah – detikOto