SURYAMALANG.COM, SURABAYA – There is a new mode of theft for motorized vehicles (curanmor) in Surabaya.

The perpetrator tried to involve an online taxi driver with the lure of Rp. 300,000.

This incident was experienced by Langlang Ariya Saloka (27).

This man from Pagesangan, Surabaya, lost his PCX motorbike on Sunday (03/24/2019).

This incident began when Langlang intended to sell his motorbike through an online application.

Shortly afterwards a prospective buyer named Jonatan contacted Langlang, and wanted to buy his motorbike.

Jonatan said that the driver and mechanic would come to Langlang’s house to see the condition of the PCX motorbike.

“It turned out that the mechanic tried the motorbike, and was immediately taken away.”

“I believe because there is a driver and the car left behind.”

“When I asked, it turned out that the driver was an online taxi driver who was rewarded with Rp. 300,000 to confess that he was the driver,” Langlang told SURYAMALANG.COM, Friday (5/4/2019).

Langlang had reported the incident to the police.

Langlang revealed that theft with such mode was not only experienced by himself.

According to him, there are three other PCX owners who experienced similar things, namely in Sukolilo, Gubeng, and Jambangan.

Moreover, the victims had photos and addresses of the perpetrators’ houses.

“We (victims) know each other through social media, and all the modes are the same.”

“PCX theft occurs in the period starting March 24, 2019 until April 1, 2019,” he said.

Until now the victim’s PCX moto has not been found.

Langlang hopes that the police will act immediately if they find out about theft information.