Dishub Sleman issued nine online taxis permits., SLEMAN-Dinas Perhubungan (Dishub) Sleman issued operational permits for nine online taxi units. During an online taxi permit application, Dishub will process it.

Head of Dishub Sleman Mardiyana said the nine online taxi units that take care of the permit come from three legal entities. Apart from PT Tomy Multiguna as many as five units, four other units come from two cooperatives. “Two units are from Koperasi Jaladipa and two other units from Inkoppol,” he explained to, Friday (2/3/2018).

He explained that Inkoppol (Parent Cooperative of Indonesian National Police) actually applied for four units of online taxis. However, two units of vehicles are still in the process of permission adjustment.

It hopes, the perpetrators of online taxi business immediately process the online taxi permit according to Permenhub No.108 / 2017 on the Transportation of People with Motor Vehicles Not In Route.

According Mardiyana, the lack of online taxi business people who ask permission one of them because the process of filing must be incorporated. Both through cooperatives and limited liability companies (PT).

“For the entire DIY there are 496 online taxi fleets that are allowed to operate. We will certainly process every application that meets the requirements, “he said.

To manage the operational permit, Kasi Angkutan and Terminal of Dishub Sleman Wahyu Slamet, the online taxi must get recommendation from Dishub through DIY One Stop Service Office (KP2TSP). The applicant is required to bring KIR and STNK test recommendations in Dishub Sleman.

“This is done so that the online taxi gets recommendations for special lease transport. This recommendation is brought to KP2TSP DIY, “he explained.

According to Wahyu, there is the possibility of a number of online taxi entrepreneurs still take care of the legalization process of legal entities.

“They [many online taxis] are interested in applying for permission. The possibility is still waiting for the institution’s operation. That’s why only a few [requests] have entered, “said Wahyu.

To grant sanctions to online taxis operating without permission, it can not yet do. “We are still running the guidance to propose the licensing process is done,” he said