RADARLAMPUNG.CO.ID – Online-based transportation applicator for newcomers starting on the road in Lampung. In fact it turns out it’s ready to serve services between various needs.

The applicator is referred to as GET Indonesia, a citizen application applicator who claims that the entire application developer is 100% local.

Just like its predecessors, GET Indonesia provides a variety of delivery services. Such as GET Car (four-wheeled online taxi service), GET Bike (online motorcycle taxi transportation), GET Food (food ordering service), GET Send (online courier service delivering goods), and GET Bajaj (transportation service using bajaj with a capacity of three people) .
In addition there is also a GET Bill, online payment services include the National Budget, BPJS, PDAM, telephone, ticket, vehicle installments and so forth.

PT GET Indonesia Persada Director Toni Purniawan said, GET Indonesia had built a network in several cities, such as in Aceh, Pekanbaru, Bandarlampung, Jakarta, Surabaya, Kediri, Malang, Jombang and others.

“At least there are 51 agent partners spread across 35 cities in Indonesia. This number is likely to increase, “Toni said in Surabaya as reported by inews.id.

Despite being a newcomer, he is optimistic that GET Indonesia will be able to compete with existing application-based transportation. Apart from being native to domestic children’s products, GET Indonesia also provides many conveniences for both drivers and customers.

“For example, customers can choose their own driver (favorite driver). And this can be used continuously, “he said.

The CEO of PT GET Indonesia Persada, Iwan Setiabudi, added that the GET Indonesia application revealed this apparatus which was originally the work of the nation’s children because all of the application developers were Indonesian. “This application is 100% owned by the nation’s children. Hopefully this can foster nationalism, especially (launched) to coincide with the momentum of Heroes’ Day, “he said.

Iwan admitted that there were many similar applications now emerging. However, he still believes GET Indonesia is able to compete and become a differentiator. One of them is because the system built is more about local wisdom. Namely by implementing agency systems in each region.

“With the agency system, drivers do not need to register at the head office. Just come to the nearest agent. If it has been approved, then it can operate, “he said.

The applicator also gives a lot of bonuses to drivers with uncomplicated rules. “Every driver can get a bonus and can be cashed every week. Bonus is not based on trip but at distance. So the further the trip, the bigger the bonus and will not expire, “he said.