Jakarta – After the Supreme Court ruling on Transportation Minister Regulation (PM) number 108 of 2017, the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) is currently working on the latest regulations in lieu of the regulation.

In an effort to compile existing new rules, various aspects need to be considered. One of them is about consumer protection.

This was conveyed by the Indonesian Consumers Foundation (YLKI) as well as responding to the emergence of petitions due to the rampant cases of sexual abuse in one of the online taxi operators in Indonesia.

“From YLKI’s perspective, the protection, safety and comfort of consumers of online transportation is not only the responsibility of the driver’s partners but also the applicator’s company,” said YLKI Secretary Agus Suyanto, in a statement received on Thursday (11/08/2018).

The petition referred to was uploaded on page change.org with the title “Government Freezes GRAB Operating Permits”. YLKI hopes for a comprehensive settlement of cases that have sacrificed many consumers.

Agus added, YLKI appealed to the regulator to make a regulation that gave sanctions to applicators whose driver partners repeatedly ignored consumer rights.

Indeed, he said, the applicator could impose sanctions on his proven partners. However, it still needs supervision and decisive action from the regulator so that the objective and mistakes are not attributed solely to the driver partners.

Previously, the Ministry of Transportation asked online taxi applicators to provide a panic button aka the emergency button in their online transportation application to protect passengers.

The government has threatened to freeze the operation of application-based online transportation service companies that cannot guarantee the safety and safety of its passengers.

The Ministry of Transportation will provide a warning and evaluation to be used as material for consideration by the Ministry of Communication and Information to revoke the operation of its applicator.