TRIBUNJAKARTA.COM, SETIABUDI – Edward Simanungkalit, an online taxi driver, said that Uber is the best transportation service provider or applicator.

For information, as of April 8, 2018, Uber has not operated and was acquired by another applicator, Grab Indonesia.

“Uber is a better applicator among those present. The system is more sophisticated. They value the drivers,” Edward said when met at Lippo Kuningan, South Jakarta, Monday (10/10/2018).

Edward said when the driver first got a bad report from the passenger, the company did not directly suspend (pause) the driver application.

Suspend itself means the temporary termination of the application of drivers who can result in not being able to find passengers.

If this happens, Uber will call the driver, then hear the reason from the driver so that there is no misunderstanding that can harm the driver.

“If in Uber, if there is a report, we are called for clarification. Now if there are differences in the story, a new confrontation will be taken,” he said.

He who is currently moving to another applicator feels different things. The current applicator company will immediately add the driver application without listening to the clarification.

“It’s really different. There are reports from passengers immediately suspended. No need to ask the driver,” said Edward.

Edward also said that if something happened to the driver, Uber would help solve the driver’s problem.

“In the past, if we touched it on the road, we reported it to the office. There is a legal team that helps us. For example, passengers don’t want to pay tolls if we report to the office, they will be replaced,” he said.

Edward admitted that he had been working with Uber applicants for up to 1.5 years until Uber left Indonesia.

He also hopes that applicator companies can now treat their partners like Uber.