JawaPos.com – A restaurant owner named Rolly was almost attacked by an online taxi driver in front of his business, RB Resto & Cafe, on Saturday (4/8) at around 17:30 WIB. This was confirmed by Abin, an employee of RB Resto & Cafe.

“Initially my boss saw there were about five cars (online taxis) parked in front of the cafe. The boss felt uncomfortable with the number of cars, then went down and asked who the owner of the car was,” said Abin, an eyewitness who knew the incident when quoted by the People West Kalimantan (Jawa Pos Group), Monday (6/8).

Not long ago, he continued, the drivers came to Rolly. They asked about the reason for looking for the owners of the five cars.

Tak Terima Ditegur, Driver Taksi Online Nyaris Keroyok Pemilik Kafe
MEDIATION. Both parties between cafe owners and online taxi drivers were mediated at Pontianak Kota Police Headquarters on Saturday night (4/8). (Rossi Yulizar for Rakyat Kalbar / Jawa Pos Group)

At that time, said Abin, his boss told the drivers not to park the car carelessly in front of his café. Moreover, the owners of the car instead stopped by the cafe across the street. Not in the Rolly cafe.

Rolly, continued Abin, also had time to tell car owners that this had not happened once or twice. But it has been repeated many times.

“Well, after that the drivers left. But soon, they came again but not the first person, this is someone else. They also asked, ‘What are we looking for?’ The boss said, don’t park in front of the café, later it will disturb consumers in their cafes and block the road, “explained Abin.

To ensure that the parking lot in front of the cafe was not used by taxi drivers online, Rolly also put a chair. “The boss had put a chair in the street so the other car wouldn’t park there. Apparently this was offended. The chair was hit by it,” continued Abin.

That immediately attracted the attention of several other online taxi drivers who were hanging out at the cafe in front of the scene. A fierce debate ensued.

In fact, said Abin, his boss was almost beaten by one of the drivers. Luckily, one of the residents who claimed to be the Head of the RW in the area immediately dispersed.

“Those who claimed to be the Chair of the RW then gave a middle ground so that this incident would be resolved. Even so, the boss’s wife had reported the police because she saw the boss wanted to be beaten,” Abin said.

He added, he was also annoyed with the number of cars that were not visitors but parked in front of the cafe. “It’s also selling. If people only use our place to park, but don’t stop here, we are uncomfortable too,” Abin said half-irritably.

Another witness, Vienna, also confirmed that there was a heated debate in front of RB Resto & Cafe. But in detail, Vienna claimed not to know. Because, at the time of the incident he did not dare to approach. He claimed to be afraid.

“I hid inside, afraid to go out. But there were those who quarreled and said ‘offended’ and so on. I also had a chance to hear a loud bang,” said Wina.

He confirmed that many online taxi cars often parked on the front road of Gang Permata Ampera. Because usually the drivers don’t get a place to park. Especially if they want to stop by the cafe opposite Gang Permata Ampera.

“The road here is indeed small, so many are looking for other parking lots, especially here,” concluded Vienna.

Meanwhile, this incident also had a viral on social media. An account user in the name of Ike Syamma ‘Alqadrie made a post on one of the Pontianak Information facebook groups.

Netizens responded to the post. Both general citizens and online taxi drivers themselves.