TRIBUNBATAM.ID, BATAM – As a result of an online taxi driver being convicted and detained by a conventional taxi driver while taking passengers in the Sumatra Expo building or Public Service Mall, hundreds of Online taxi drivers infested the Sumatra Expo building area, Batam Center, Monday (03/11/2019 ) night.

One of the online taxi drivers, Andi, recounted since two nights ago, online taxi drivers have always been caught at designated pick-ups between representatives of conventional taxis and online taxis.

“In the Sumatra Expo Batam building this is one of the agreed points of pick-up, it is still being executed,” Andi said.

Hundreds of online taxi drivers arrived in the area of ​​the Sumatra Expo building or Public Service Mall to request commitments to comply with the agreed-upon regulations.

Watching in the field, they are still gathering to make sure the conditions there are truly safe.

In addition, police officers were also seen arriving to secure the situation.

Indeed the clash between taxis online with conventional taxis in Batam City is endless.

Both sides have often been jointly occupied by police officers and it has been agreed that 47 pick-up points in a number of places in Batam are included in the Sumatra Expo building or Public Service Mall.

Meanwhile, Head of the Batam City Transportation Agency, Rustam Efendi, when confirmed regarding the commotion between the online and conventional taxi drivers, did not comment much.

“Here it is. The crew went directly to the Head of the Provincial Service. Please confirm his resolve to complete,” he wrote via Whatsapp.

Before this incident occurred on Monday (11/3) afternoon, TRIBUNBATAM.ID had also requested Rustam’s response to the decision on the meeting on Friday (8/3) which was also still hanging.

“The agreement of the 47 pick-up points has been taken to the provincial transportation office. Due to the chaos that often occurs in Batam City, we only follow up on the results of the agreement as a form of supervision,” he wrote via whatsapp that afternoon.

But since the question was asked via Whatsapp, Rustam requested that the interview be done directly.

“Maybe later, just go ahead (interview). I still have other activities now,” he wrote.