Jakarta – Thousands of rental car drivers have joined the Uber app. Apparently not all rental cars can join the online application such as Uber. What is the condition?

Dishub DKI in cooperation with Polda Metro Jaya(Police) some time ago to do controls to Uber Apps partner driver. Aside from the fact that Uber does not have permits, the Task Force has been under siege because the driver is considered illegal.

Rental car drivers are required to register themselves to Dishub DKI if you want to become an online application partner such as Uber. In addition, it also meets a number of requirements to be public transportation as stipulated in Law No. 22 of 2009, Government Regulation No. 74 of 2014, and Minister of Transportation Decree No. 35 of 2003.

“There are 7 points that must be fulfilled, there is a derivative, but if 7 has been fulfilled the other will be fulfilled because 7 is the main condition,” said Dishub Transportation Land Transport Chief Emanuel in coordination meeting about the taxi online at Dishub Office DKI, Jl Taman Jatibaru, Cideng , Jakpus, Thursday (17/09/2015).

The most important requirement is called Emanuel is a rental business must have a legal entity. The form is PT, Cooperative, BUMN, and BUMD. For CV not included.

“It is indicated by a valid certificate, automatic deed of establishment, there are several requirements such as domicile, Siup, and master pull means to rent or own, then have to master at least 5 vehicles,” said Emanuel.

“After that there is a derivative requirement, this rental car is the only public transport with black plate, which has been captured black plate and never in KIR, then another requirement is that rental car must be registered in us (Dishub),” Emanuel explain.

For now, according to Emanuel there are only 6 companies with a total of 457 rental cars declared authorized by Dishub. Namely PT Panorama Mitra Sarana with 5 units of cars, PT Laks Prima Transport with 81 cars, PT Golden Bird Metro which has 162 cars, PT Pusaka Prima Transport with 199 cars, PT Dragon Jaya Utama and PT Safari Dharma Sakti with each 5 cars Rented.

“Official official lease is only 6 companies with a total of 400an rental car.Other we consider illegal, Please Uber cooperation with the official rental, do not rent-rentalan,” he said.

In this meeting, a number of Uber partner driver representatives also attended. They also questioned why after the arrangement of a ticket, the car confiscated by the Ministry of Transport has not been taken. Kadishub Andri Yansyah also gave the answer.

“The car that was arrested when it was a ticket ticket, we just asked to make a statement will not do anymore.It’s not difficult, it’s different with regular ticket,” said Andri.

Regarding the permit process of Uber and this official rental permit, Andri hopes that its management can be finished soon. To handle this Uber case problem, Dishub DKI also cooperates with Sub-Director of Gakkum Ditlantas Polda Metro Jaya, and also Sub-Directorate of Crime Crime Ditreskrimsus Polda Metro Jaya.

“Permission is sooner better, it is not allowed to operate (if it is not already) .I am cooperating with Crimsus for help, we will also ask the Director General of Taxation to identify their taxes,” Andri said.

Uber cooperation partners represented to Perkumpulan Perusahaan Mobil Rental Indonesia (PPRI) admitted that they are currently taking care of the files for permission application. This PPRI stands since many rental entrepreneurs joined in Uber, which also at the same time come awareness to make a container or association fellow car rental businessman.

“We have PPRI and applications now registered, all the cars until the PT will be registered to the service We want a business but the comfortable With regulation and requirements we can, me and the team all the files we register,” said Chairman PPRI Hendrick Kusnadi in the forum.

Although claimed to get a lot of profits after joining Uber, the car rental businessmen are also disappointed. The reason is when the car was caught by the raid, the Uber seemed reluctant to take responsibility.

“PPRI is a legal entity before the application we pay taxes Since the 5-unit car was arrested last June we invited Uber for clarification, none of them came.We want to ask they have legality to what? Hendrick.

“We are in PPRI there is a clear mou.On uBer alone we have been running since August last year.Indeed the MoU is there for one month ahead and there is no follow-up anymore.Fixed and constantly changing MoU we sent a letter of complaint Not ignored Uber, “he continued.

Regarding the terms proposed by Dishub DKI on official car rental, Uber Asia Limited said it would coordinate with their cooperation partners. Uber again confirms that they are not a transportation company but as a marketing service application office.

“The terms are for car rental partners, then coordinate with us because we are partners these cars it turns out to have to meet some of its own rules. This we will coordinate with our partner car partners, of course we will maximize maximize with the rules set by the authorities in this country, “said Uber Chief Representative in Indonesia, Heru Putranto in the same location.” Once again we only office application services Marketing. In cooperation with car owners, there are already thousands of drivers (Uber partners). To this day the status of Uber office is the Representative Office but now it is running permit application in BKPM for Foreign Capital Investment Company (PMA), “he said. (Elz / fdn)