TRIBUN-TIMUR.COM, MAKASSAR – An Online Taxi driver with the initials IS (33), which was arrested by the Makassar Tamalanrea Police on Friday (1/11/2019), because of being accused of sexual harassment was finally released.

This was conveyed by the Tamalanrea Police Criminal Investigation Unit, Iptu Edi Gunawan, to

“We did not detain because there was not enough evidence and witnesses,” he said on Monday (1/14/2019).

In front of the police, said Edi Gunawan, IS denied what was alleged by a college student in Makassar, IM (19).

IM previously reported IS to the police, the country was accused of having sexually abused in November 2018 ago.

The abuse was admitted by the IM carried out around the Unhas campus, Jl Perintis Kemerdekaan KM 10, Tamalanrea District, Makassar.

“The IM accusation was denied by the online taxi driver. IS even admitted that IM had a debt to him that had not been paid, and accused him of being released from his debt,” he said.

He continued, IS also admitted that every time he took IM to campus, his wife always accompanied him.

“His wife joined the car, so he denied having sexually abused. In addition, there was not enough evidence and witnesses in the report, so he was released,” he said.