Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Transportation Minister Regulation (Permenhub) No.118 / 2018 concerning the implementation of special rental transport or newly issued online taxis later this year regulates aspects of protection for drivers and passengers.

Later, online taxi provider companies cannot stop the driver’s operations as they please, because they regulate the criteria for the suspension of the driver’s account. Deactivation must also be preceded by a warning or notification.

Permenhub Number 118 of 2018 was signed by the Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi on December 18, 2018 and was promulgated the day after. The old regulation of Permenhub 108/2017 does not specifically regulate the protection of drivers and passengers.

“Community protection in Special Rental Services is provided to passengers and drivers,” the rules stated.

In Permenhub 118/2018 it is mentioned in detail, protection of the driver includes complaints and problem solving services, registration is done face-to-face, criteria for imposing account non-activation, and notification before being deactivated.

Protection for drivers also includes clarification, objection rights and assistance from the Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU) partnership, and re-registration in the event the driver is subject to deactivation.

Meanwhile, protection of passengers includes safety and security, convenience, and complaints services and settlement of passenger problems.

Protection also includes certainty of getting transportation and certainty of special rental transportation rates according to the rates set per Kilometer (km).

Not only a matter of protection, the new regulation also removes the provisions of sticker installation on online taxi vehicles that were previously regulated in Article 27 paragraph (1) Permenhub 108/2017. The sticker contains information on the area of ​​operation, the year of issuance of the surveillance card, the name of the legal entity, and the background of the Transportation logo.

In Permenhub 118/2018, the government no longer requires the posting of special stickers in the form of stickers on online taxis.

However, the driver must have a Service Standard Electronic Card that contains at least decree number, service master number, company name, company name, validity period of Service Standard Electronic Card, operating area, motor vehicle number sign, carrying capacity, and vehicle maintenance history according to the standard of Brand Holder Agent (APM).