Transport observer Darmaningtyas criticized the Supreme Court’s decision to annul the 14 chapters in Permenhub 26 of 2017 on Delivery of People with Public Vehicles Not in the Route. The Permenhub regulates licenses, tariffs, quotas and other taxis online. Darmaningtyas said the verdict was wrong.

In its verdict, the Supreme Court assessed Permenhub Number 26 Year 2017 to be contradictory to the higher legislation, namely Law Number 20 of 2008 on Micro Small and Medium Enterprises and Law No. 22 of 2009 on Traffic and Road Transportation. According to him, the issue of transportation should not be linked with the Law of Small and Medium Enterprises.

“Because this country remains a rule, unless the country has no rules. My criticism of the MA I say it (the abolition of 14 articles) enggak rational, transportation problems kok use UMKM Act, “he said when Focus Group Discussion ‘Looking for New Taxi Online Regulations’ at Hotel Alila, Pecenongan, Central Jakarta, Tuesday 5 September 2017 .

He said the law should not be discriminatory. Therefore, he requested that every regulation must be discussed with related parties including taxi entrepreneurs online in order to avoid mistakes.

“Every regulation makes sure there is a compromise so it is not possible that all proposals are accepted. So it can be in the middle. The most important tax, and do not get more pollution, roads damaged there is no contribution from the online transport, “he said.

Darmaningtyas also asserted, not agreeing to revive the old rules. Because according to his view, on the old rules, taxi online is not ideal setting.

“If Permenhub 26, the taxi is karbitan or (taxi) online it entered the lease. But I mean getting into the taxi cab. Probably better about passenger transport. Chapter I, for example, passenger transport is not in the trajectory, “he said.