JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Transportation Observer from Indonesian Transportation Society (MTI) Djoko Setijowarno assess the Ministry of Transportation is too privileged taxi driver online in the application of KIR test and ownership of SIM A General.

“It is too privileged for a special lease that has no contribution compared to regular public transportation,” Djoko told Kompas.com on Sunday (25/2/2018). According to Djoko, the condition will only lead to social jealousy among regular drivers of public transport to online drivers.

Read also: Generic SIM A Generation for Online and Conventional Taxi Driver at GBK Stadium “It will only create a less conducive atmosphere for the public transport sector in the future,” said Djoko. According to Djoko, for the handling of letters of completeness, the authority is on the police side.

“SIM of police affairs, hand over the police,” said Djoko. Also Read: Once the Title of Making SIM A Cheap, Kemenhub also Will Hold Free KIR Test Reported earlier, the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) plans to hold free KIR test for taxi drivers online throughout Indonesia.

Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi said that pursuant to Permenhub Number 108 of 2017 on Special Leased Transport Not In Route, the online taxi drivers must have evidence pass KIR test and SIM A General.

The management of three application-based transportation service companies agreed on the request of Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi regarding the SIM A General rules for the driver’s partner.

It responds to Kemenhub request requiring that all partners of online taxi drivers must have pocketed SIM A General no later than until February 2018. As reported Kompas.com, on Sunday (25/2/2018), Kemenhub together with Police and some companies organize the making SIM A General in Jakarta, for online and conventional taxi drivers.

The manufacturing fee is set at Rp 100,000, because there are discounts from government subsidies and corporate CSR. The free KIR test will be conducted using a similar cooperation scheme.

This time, Kemenhub will hold applicators or application owners such as Uber, Grab and Go-Jek. “That’s part of the necessity, so we give (KIR) is free, cooperation with applicators and so on,” explained Budi Karya.

The KIR test or also known as KEUR is a motor vehicle test to determine whether it meets the required technical specifications or not.

The tests are under the authority of the Department of Transportation and are directed to public transport vehicles or yellow plates. If the vehicle does not qualify, then it is not allowed to operate, or must repair the vehicle first.