BALIKPAPAN, – An online taxi driver in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan (Kaltim), was sadly killed by his passengers. The victim was killed because the offender felt offended by the victim’s words. The perpetrator was finally arrested by the police.

The online taxi driver named Handari was found dead in sad conditions in the bushes of the Prona region, South Balikpapan, on Tuesday (06/12/2018). The victim’s head broke and his neck was stabbed. The position of the victim’s discovery was not far from the car. While the murderer, Darmadi, was arrested by the police after trying to flee towards the Balikpapan route, Samarinda, Tuesday afternoon.

Balikpapan Chief of Police (Kapolres) AKBP Wiwin Fitra said the police arrested the suspect while on the way to the area at Kilometer (Km) 51 Jalan Soekarno-Hatta. The police also secured evidence in the form of water softgun firearms and car jacks used by the perpetrators to kill the victims.

“After killing the victim, the suspect ordered a car to travel because he planned to go back to Sangatta area, East Kalimantan. Officers who were on the road simultaneously carried out raids on the streets and managed to secure the suspect at Km 51 on Tuesday, June 12, 2018, “Wiwin said, Thursday (6/14/2018).

While the suspect Darmadi said, he could kill the taxi driver online because he was offended by the words of the victim. As stated in the application, Darmadi only needs to pay an online taxi fare of Rp. 16,000 to get to his destination in Prona III Housing in Sepinggan, South Balikpapan.

On the way, the victim offended the victim regarding the tariff. According to the perpetrator, the victim also did not want to deliver it to the destination.

“It’s just offended, emotions. He made an offensive sentence, his language if he wanted to go there, no need to take an online taxi, just take a helicopter he said. I have not been delivered to my destination, it is still far away, instead he is turning back, “said the suspect Darmadi.

Darmadi immediately gets emotional when he hears the victim’s statement. Without thinking, the suspect killed off the perpetrators using water softgun firearms and car jacks. The victim fired the firearm and hit the victim with a jack on the head and all over his body.

When the victim tried to save himself, the suspect got darker eyes and killed the victim and eventually died. Now, the suspect Darmadi is being held at the Balikpapan Police Station and cannot celebrate Eid with his family.