BATAM, – The commotion between conventional and online taxi drivers in Batam, seemed endless.

Because, almost every day the land transportation service is always experiencing a commotion.

As happened at the Harbourbay passenger terminal, Batuampar, Batam Tuesday (1/28/2020) afternoon.

This time the victim is an online taxi driver or a female application.

According to Rara (35), a source said the woman’s car entered the port to pick up her guests.

Then confronted by two men suspected of being a conventional taxi driver.

“Poor online taxi driver woman. She is also looking for food. When she picked up a customer she was then stopped by a white lyrical T-shirt man wearing a hat. And a reddish white lyrical short sleeve shirt. Had their mouth quarrel, “said Rara Wednesday (01/29/2020).

The atmosphere at that time, the two men arguing with the woman.

However, because the woman was helpless she then left the location.

The two men according to Rara forced the woman not to have activities there.

“Yeah, she can’t fight back. She’s a woman,” she said.

Then, the incident of intimidation and bickering was viral on Facebook’s social media accounts.

The video was uploaded by the Boboi account owner with the video caption “There was an ambush at harbor bay by conventional taxis”.

In the uploaded video there are two videos. The first is 46 seconds long and the second video is 2 minutes 14 seconds.

“Sir, who forbade it?” Asked the woman to a conventional taxi driver.

The man ignored him. He only holds his cellphone to capture the conversation with the women.

Then, in a 2 minute 14 second video engage in conversation.

“Why sir? I can’t be here ?,” asked the woman again. “Hang in around here huh ?,” asked the man.

Police appeal

Had dealt with the police due to the case of online taxi driver persecution in the Mega Mall Batam Center some time ago, the latest case ended peacefully.

Previously, the police had secured one of the three perpetrators of an online taxi driver beating in the Mega Mall area.

The perpetrators were questioned at Batam City Police Headquarters.

Now, chaotic taxis lead to beatings against online taxi drivers ending peacefully.

Both parties agreed not to bring it into the realm of law

This case has also been handled by Batam City Sector Police (Polsek).

This is as said by the Public Relations Barelang Police, Iptu Supardi.

“Yes, it’s already (peaceful). So, the case is declared over,” he told, Thursday (1/23/2020).

He also admitted, if chaos between the two sides both conventional and online taxis became a serious concern for the Barelang Police.

He said, if the execution occurred again, his party would not hesitate to take firm steps.

“Anyone who experiences persecution, immediately report to us,” he continued.

Meanwhile, Supardi did not want much to comment on the polemic of the online taxi pick up point (red zone) in Batam.

He only appealed to the two parties to maintain order and comfort in the City of Batam.

“There must be no violence. Considering the place where frequent commotion is passed by tourists. For the pick-up point, go directly to the authorities,” he said.

Previously, a member of the Batam DPRD Commission III, Thomas said that the chaos between conventional taxis and online taxis in Batam can be addressed to the maximum.

To he asked the police to continue the case of the persecution of online taxis in Batam.

For him, this incident tarnished the authority of transportation in the city of Batam.

“If today’s tolerance is given. Tomorrow it will definitely appear (clash) again, and so on. So this must be the attention of the National Police,” he continued.

He also regretted that the Riau Islands Provincial Government, in this case the Riau Islands Department of Transportation (Dishub), seemed to silence this prolonged conflict.

Because, Thomas revealed that the Minister of Transportation Regulation No. 118 of 2018 concerning the Implementation of Special Lease Transportation must be enforced and not just go away.