, BATAM – The chaos between conventional taxis and online taxis in Batam continues to occur.

Lastly, the two camps were back in a row Monday (7/22/2019), around the Batam Center Port of Batam City.

This was admitted by one of the taxi drivers online, Wendra.

According to him, this case continued due to a misunderstanding between the two camps.

“It’s still an old problem. Now the problem has been solved at the Batam City Police Sector some time ago,” he said when contacted.

In response to this, the Head of the Department of Transportation and Transportation (LLAJ) of the Riau Islands Transportation Agency, Frengki Willinato, also gave his response.

According to him, in the near future, the principle license for online taxis in Batam City will be issued soon.

“I got the information that was signed by the Head of DPMPTSP Kepri. If it has been submitted to us, we will immediately give it to each business entity in Batam,” he said when contacted.

Frengki explained, the delay in permits had occurred due to still being processed by the Kepri DPMPTSP law firm.

In addition, Frengki also admitted, in the near future, the principle permit would soon be accepted by 13 business entities in Batam City.

“God willing, in the next week,” he added.

Separately, one of the online drivers, Surya, said this would certainly be a breath of fresh air for online drivers in Batam City.

He hopes that the decline in principle licenses can minimize the commotion that often occurs between online taxis and conventional taxis on Batam.

“Yes, hopefully after that operational permits can also be issued immediately. Because now these online taxis have become the work of several people, meaning our rice place is here,” he said firmly.