Depok – Ahmad Sutrisna is suspected of being one of the perpetrators of the murder of Justinus Sinaga (40), an online taxi driver who was found dead in Mount Bunder, Bogor Regency. Ahmad was known to have committed a murder after being caught in a traffic raid in Subang, West Java.

“So he was previously hit by a raid in Subang when he brought the victim’s car,” said Head of Depok Police Criminal Investigation Unit Kompol Putu Kholis Aryana told AFP on Monday (03/05/2018) night.

Ahmad was hit by a raid on Sunday (4/3) yesterday. At that time, Ahmad was with his friends who were also suspected of being murderers. While the bodies of the new victims were found on Monday (5/3) this morning.

“His friends were running away, while he was hit by a raid because he was driving his car,” Putu added.

Subang Sub-district Police Unit then secured Ahmad along with evidence of the Toyota Avanza B 1992 police car. The evidence was forced to be confiscated by the police because Ahmad could not show legal documents on the ownership of the car.

“Then the Subang police station coordinated with us, that the person was secured along with the evidence,” he said.

Depok Police then checked Ahmad. It turned out that Ahmad had been reported in Depok Police over involvement in embezzlement of cars.

“So we brought the one concerned because there was an LP (police report) embezzling the car,” he added.

Later, the police realized that Ahmad was one of the alleged perpetrators of the murder of Justinus in Bogor, after matching the vehicle confiscated by the Bogor police station with the victim’s property. After being interrogated, Ahmad finally admitted that he had committed the murder.

“We are coordinating with the Bogor police station and from the Bogor police station also heading to Depok Police to check the perpetrators,” said Putu.