Online Drivers Communication Forum (FKPO) complains about the Constitutional Court (MK) which has not responded to the submission of judicial review of Law Number 22 Year 2009 on Traffic and Road Transportation Article 139 paragraph 4.

Since filing on August 19, 2016 to this day, there has been no answer when it can be done.

A number of online drivers claim to object to Article 139 paragraph 4 of the Act which states that public transport services are provided by State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN), Regional-Owned Enterprises (BUMD), and / or other legal entities in accordance with the provisions of legislation, invitation.

While many online drivers do business individually, though join the online transportation service.

“It has become a social problem because the Constitutional Court has given too long a trial schedule (test of matter), it’s been more than two weeks.We carry the aspirations of many people, we are like terzalimi because there is a slowdown and we need attention,” said FKPO Coordinator, Aries Rinaldi , At the Parliament Building, Jakarta, Monday (19/09/2016).

He explained that the National Online Drivers’ Advocacy and Law Team (TEMAH panas) as the legal counsel of FKPO has asked many times about when the session can be implemented. But the Court’s response made them disappointed.

“The Constitutional Court ruled that we were still waiting list (waiting list), it is like flight ticket only,” he said.

“We do not accept, why the process is long, therefore we want a RDP (Hearing Meeting) to convey many things including the Permenhub (Permenhub No 32 Year 2006) and also test the material,” said Aries.