JawaPos.com – Criminal acts often hit online drivers. This is of particular concern from the Online Driver Association (ADO). As a prevention effort, online drivers will be equipped with a panic button.

Chairman of the South Sumatra ADO DPD (Sumsel) Ahmad Harifin said that his party was committed to improving welfare and protecting online drivers from crimes that often threatened. ADO will work with vendors to install panic buttons on every online transportation. Both two wheels and four wheels.

“With this panic button, when there is a crime, the drivers can press a button that will be directly connected to our secretariat,” Harifin said when met in Palembang on Thursday (8/30).

Furthermore, ADO officers will go to the location of the driver with the police to resolve the problem. “So we will also work with the police in resolving criminal problems,” he said.

ADO also provides opportunities for members to consult related to unilateral suspensions and so forth. This aims to find a solution to the problems faced.

Chairman of the Central Leadership Council (DPP) ADO Christiansen added, currently there are no clear regulations covering online drivers. Therefore, it will continue to push for special regulations that protect online drivers. Given the number of online drivers in Indonesia reaches 50 thousand people.

“We will continue to push. In fact, we will do the movement nationally and it is hoped that there will be no more one-sided suspensions and so on that burden the online driver,” he added.