TRIBUNJATENG.COM, PURWOKERTO – Online motorcycle taxi drivers (Ojol) and online taxis are not satisfied with the results of a joint audience held by a number of parties held at the Banyumas Deputy Regent Hall, Central Java, Thursday (8/22/2019).

Chairman of the All-Banyumas Raya Online Driver Association (D’semar) Rudy Setyawan said the ojol drivers and online taxi drivers were disappointed because the meeting was not attended by the application providers, both from Gojek and Grab.

“From this result we are all disappointed. In the sense that what we need is an answer, our demands are met or not. “

“But we thank the regency government and the police for being facilitated,” Bendot said his familiar greeting after the audience on Thursday (8/22/2019).

Bendot said, he would coordinate in advance with ojol drivers and other online taxis to determine the next step.

“We’ll see what it looks like first. We are frankly confused, wanting to go it alone is useless if it’s not accompanied by the government.”

“We will wait for the next steps as to what they are,” Bendot said.

According to Bendot, the mass strike will continue according to the original plan, Wednesday through Friday.

“We plan to still remain off bid, according to plan. I personally cannot forbid if someone is on bid.”

“Come on, fight together. After all, the demands are not only for Gojek, but also for Grab,” Bendot said.

Since Wednesday (8/21/2019), a mass of ojol drivers and online taxis in Banyumas went on a mass strike.

The action was a form of protest over the bonus scheme which was considered burdensome to the drivers.

The Gojek mass demanded that the bonus amount be returned to normal, that is, Rp. 80 thousand for 20 points.

Currently the bonus is reduced to Rp 40 thousand.

While the Grab driver asks the target to get the bonus lowered.

Because the service users in Banyumas are still relatively few.