Palembang – Candidate pair (Paslon) Isaac Mekki and Yudha Pratomo who advanced in the Election of Regional Head or Election of South Sumatra (Sumsel Selatan) get support from various circles.

Not only from the coalition of political parties (political parties) supporters, Ishak-Yudha also managed to attract the sympathizers of the motorcycle taxi drivers online in Palembang.

When the declaration of South Sumatra Election held on Tuesday (9/1/2018) morning, at Command Center Ishak-Yudha, on Jalan Basuki Rahmat Palembang, also present dozens of motorcycle taxi drivers online among the other supporters.

The presence of a dozen ojek drivers online is quite attention. Because they still use a jacket that reads the largest online transportation services company in Indonesia.

The green jacket blends with the alma mater of three political parties used by Isaac-Yudha supporters.

This group of online motorcycle taxi drivers is incorporated in Paguyuban Driver Ojek Online (PDO2) Palembang.

Gunawan Jauhari, Coordinator of PDO2 Palembang said, before deciding to support Ishak-Yudha, they have been monitoring and seeing the credibility of these two South Sumatra figures.

“Just over the last few months we have decided to support the Ishak-Yudha couples, we see their experience, education and loyalty very good for the progress of South Sumatra,” he told

The online motorcycle taxi driver is sure, vision mission Isaac-Yudha delivered in his campaign can be realized, if won in elections South Sumatra and served as Governor and Vice Governor of South Sumatra.

At the time of voting later, continued Gunawan, they do not force the decision of each member to choose who the paslon.

Swafoto Together
Online Motorcycle Driver Support Isaac-Yudha in South Sumatra Election
Swafoto action carried out by supporters of Ishak-Yudha before registering elections to South Sumatra Election Commission ( / Nefri Inge)
Program that has been run by Vice Governor (Vice Governor) of South Sumatra Ishak Mekki, continued Gunawan, already felt by the people of South Sumatra.

“We are not carrying the name of an online transportation service company, just this community alone, the big family of PDO2 is looking forward to Isaac-Yudha win,” he said.

They also had the opportunity to take pictures with Ishak-Yudha after the declaration.

In fact, Ishak Mekki and Yudha Pratomo invited dozens of online motorcycle taxi drivers and other supporters to berswafoto together.

Isaac Mekki and Yudha Pratomo went directly to the office of the Regional General Election Commission (KPUD) of South Sumatra in Jakabaring Palembang, to enroll for the South Sumatra Pilkada.

Ishak Mekki and Yudha Pratomo strolled in the elections in South Sumatera 2018 with 15 seats from the coalition of political parties, the Democratic Party, Star Crescent Party and United Development Party (PPP).

Paslon will compete with three other couples, namely Dodi Reza Alex Noerdin-Giri Ramanda who got 29 seats from political parties supporting Golkar, PDI-Struggle and the National Awakening Party (PKB).

The other pair is Aswari Rivai-Irwansyah Sofyan, who won 15 seats from the Gerindra Party coalition and the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS).

The next rival is Herman Deru-Mawardi supported by the National Democratic Party (Nasdem), the National Mandate Party (PAN) and the People’s Conscience Party (Hanura) with 16 seats.