No visible fatigue in the face Tanti (44) after a day wrestling with street dust. The day was deserted. Out of house since at 08.00 pm, Tanti only deliver four passengers. The rest, spent on a break at his rented house or with his fellow motorcycle taxi drivers online.

They can gather alongside shop and restaurant located in Green Ville Housing, West Jakarta. There they made their base camp. The location is not far from Tanti’s house in Duri Kepa area, West Jakarta. At the base camp, Tanti is not the only female motorcycle taxi driver. There is Dosowati who is familiarly called Wati (25).

Over the past year, Tanti’s life has changed. Three years as a sales and sales clerk, now he chooses to drive passengers. “I see why there are women so so (ojek driver online). Ah I think why not,” said Tanti when talking with some time ago

As an independent woman, she does not want to rely on income only from her husband. On the other hand, Tanti also rejects burdened work that is not directly proportional to the income earned. It even tends to be just draining. “Here we can set our own income is more yes for ourselves,” he said.

Being an online motorcycle taxi driver is not always smooth. Tanti’s husband, who works as a landowner owned by the company, had disagreed with Tanti’s decision. In the eyes of the husband, women do not deserve to be an online motorcycle taxi. She tries to explain the heart-breaking nature of her husband. Including when to compete with other motorcycle taxi drivers who are generally the opposite sex. “I love understanding,” said Tanti.

Quarter three money with Tanti, Wati (25) also want to get out of work as factory workers who only squeeze his energy. Toughness competes with the online motorcycle taxi driver who the average man, led to sustenance. A day bagging Rp 100,000 or Rp 2 million a month, is enough for Wati. Most importantly, Wati’s life is not regulated by the owner of capital. “It’s up to me too, I want to go out narik what time to go home at what time,” said Wati.

In the eyes of his colleagues, there is no preferential treatment for the motorcycle taxi drivers. But, discrimination actually comes from passengers. The shape is simple, but very felt. Namely in the form of cancellation of orders from prospective passengers when knowing the motorcycle taxi of a woman. Generally, prospective passengers who make cancellations are male. And this is not experienced once Tanti and Wati.

“I have arrived (at the pick-up location) but the person went so I knew I was a woman, he took an angkot, really, really,” said Wati.

The complaint is evident. When talking, Andika (24), a private employee canceled his order when he knew the online motorcycle taxi driver ordered was women. Andika admitted definitely cancel the order if found a female driver. The reason is not comfortable riding women. Especially if Andika body posture larger than the driver.

“Definitely (cancel the order) if it can be female driver .. I am a boy, do not want to be ridden women,” explained Andika.

Not only Andika, Alinia Qurbani (27) also often do the same thing. Cancel a motorcycle taxi when you know the driver. “Women are less worthy to become motorcycle taxi drivers,” said Alinia.

There are also passengers who by reason of less comfortable dibonceng women, he who rides a motorcycle. As did Fresti (26). Upon discovering the taxi driver of a woman, Fresti never canceled the order. But always ask him who rides a motorcycle.

“I never canceled the order unless it was the one who asked to be sacked, but I admit if I get my female driver who drives me, I’m not comfortable with women,” said Fresti.

This condition makes Tanti, Wati and other female motorcycle taxi drivers feel cornered and treated unequally. On behalf of the customer’s service, they ultimately choose to compromise. They let the passengers take over the wheel. No worries of dangerous things will happen.

“If for example (passengers) kind of sorts, we can aja directly shouted.If taken to a quiet place we can contact our friends online ojek, because we have a group of whatsapp so if there is a problem can be helped immediately,” said Tanti.

Another thing that little entertaining female drivers like Tanti and Wati is services other than transporting passengers. Such as delivering goods orders or buying food. For shuttle business, buying food, and shopping, the user of an online motorcycle taxi service is a bit more modern. They do not have gender bias so they have no problem if the driver is female.

Online motorcycle companies do not have a specific record of reasons for order cancellation if associated with gender. Marketing Grab Director Mediko Azwar says the cancellation system does not specify the reasons for order cancellation.

“We do not distinguish the booking cancellation data based on gender so we can not provide more information,” Mediko said.

Uber’s head of public relations, Dian Safitri, said the same thing. Only, they pay particular attention to this, when it comes to harassment or criminal law.

“Behavior involving discrimination due to gender or racial intolerance, violence, physical contact and sexual activity or unlawful interruption while using Uber may preclude the passenger and driver’s account immediately disabled,” he said.

Traditional view

Sociologist University of Indonesia, Ricardi S Adnan see there are various factors that make some men cancel the ojek orders because reluctantly dibonceng women or take over the wheel. The main factor is the traditional moral factor. This view is difficult to change.

“It could be psychological, there are pride but there are religious moral considerations,” said Ricardi.

Not to mention the stigma that adheres to women being considered incompetent in driving, often driving in the middle of the road to cause security risks and disrupt other vehicles, or seen quickly nervous.

Ricardi proposed an online motorcycle taxi company to add driver features to the online motorcycle taxi service. So as not to cause disappointment in the female driver due to cancellation.

“Such as, want to use female or male driver, or can both” he said.

Sociologist of Gadjah Mada University Sunyoto Usman said that the cancellation of orders and orders took over the wheel of male passengers, in addition to the traditional view also because of the basic nature of vehicles that do not support if driven by women. “Motorcycles are not designed for transportation (public),” Sunyoto said. [noe]

Source Yunita Amalia