After a suicide bombing that occurred at Mapolrestabes Medan, North Sumatra a few days ago, has made security tightened around the police station.

In fact, the perpetrator of suicide bombing who allegedly used one of the online motorcycle taxi (ojol) jacket had an impact on the incident.

Because, now the police banned online motorcycle taxi drivers, online taxis and conventional taxis from entering or dropping passengers inside the police station.

Responding to that, one of the online drivers named Indra (46) did not want to take a headache.

He follows the existing rules if the policy is like that.

“Yes, it’s okay, if indeed that is a new rule, we just follow it,” Indra told the Mayor when met on Narogong Street, Bogor Regency, Thursday (11/14/2019).

Meanwhile, in different places, other online motorcycle taxi drivers, Ilham (35) claimed to object to the ban.

Because, according to him, the action of the suicide bomber was a personal behavior not a matter of the attributes of a company.

“Yes, actually I do not agree, this is not a matter of attributes or anything. It is the fault of the person not of the attribute problem,” he explained.

However, he still understands the reason why the police forbid online motorcycle taxi from entering, stopping or using attributes around government agencies and police headquarters, for the sake of mutual security.

“Yes, we just follow the rules and we will remove the attribute if it is the latest policy from the police,” he said.

He also hopes that the new rules will not last long, because it could have an impact on reducing the number of online motorcycle taxi passengers.

Online Drivers are Prohibited from Entering the Gunung Putri Police Station which Tightens Safeguards at the Police Station Office

After the suicide bombing that occurred at Medan’s Polrestabes, North Sumatra yesterday, security was tightened around the police station.

Warta Kota Monitoring, Thursday (11/14/2019) including Gunung Putri Sector Police seen a number of guard officers inspecting a number of guests who came at the entrances.

Examination of visitors’ luggage carried out strictly both manually and by using a detector.

Kapolsek Gunung Putri AKP Andrianto saat ditemui di kantornya, Kamis (14/11/2019).
Gunung Putri Police Chief AKP Andrianto when met at his office on Thursday (11/14/2019). (City News / Lutfi Khairul Fikri)

In fact, online motorcycle taxis (ojol),Online taxis and conventional taxis are prohibited from entering or unloading passengers inside the police station.

“For now, online drivers are not allowed to enter our office area,” said Gunung Putri Police Chief AKP Andrianto to City News, at Gunung Putri Police Station, Bogor Regency.

According to him, online motorcycle taxis, online taxis and conventional taxis are currently given a restriction they can only reach the gate of the Gunung Putri Police Station.

However, it also does not always refer to online drivers, strict checks also apply to all guests who come.

In addition, the police also tightened the examination of guests who came by installing 8 CCTVs.

“As many as 8 points are installed inside and outside if anything happens, we will monitor and be guarded by officers,” he explained.

His party also conducts picket a day with 15 personnel in 24 hours. And, the fence of the Gunung Putri Police Station will also be closed when it enters the night.

Gunung Putri police station will also increasingly supervise vital objects or public places, such as police stations, tourist attractions and government.

Mainly in conducting inspections at the office guard and at the entrance or exit.

Including tightening security in the border region.

Previously, concerns were expressed by online drivers after the suicide bombing.

For example,Abdul (54) is an online motorcycle taxi driver who were disappointed with the Mapolrestabes Medan bombing, North Sumatra who wore an online motorcycle taxi (ojol).

Because, it is feared that the use of these attributes will make other drivers be discredited.

“If we say we are worried, “Yes, I am so worried that people will look at us suspiciously after this,” Abdul said when met at Kemanggisan, West Jakarta, Wednesday (11/13/2019).

After the bombing incident in Medan, Abdul has not yet received an order. However, the incident made him feel inferior in the midst of the public.

“I hope that the public understands, if that’s a person, not all online drivers are like that,” said the Gojek driver.

Abdul hopes that criminal or criminal elements do not wear the online motorcycle taxi attribute in carrying out their crimes.

“Please don’t make it hard for us, we are little people, this is one of the mainstays of our livelihood,” Abdul said.

Besides Abdul, Ian (28) also claimed to be worried about the bombers who wore online motorcycle taxi jackets.

“So far, it’s still normal, but I’m also afraid our name of the online motorcycle taxi driver will be damaged,” Ian said.

Ian hopes that the community do not see it with the same way as flat to all drivers online.

Previously reported perpetrators of suicide bombings that rocked Medan Mapolrestabes on Jalan HM Said, seen on CCTV footage.

In the CCTV footage, it appears a man wearing a black combination green jacket suit, was walking wearing a backpack.

This CCTV footage circulated in the WhatsApp group, until finally the man blew himself up and a loud explosion was heard at Mapolrestabes Medan, Wednesday (11/13/2019) morning.

Information circulating among journalists, the perpetrators with the initials RMN (24), were registered as residents of Jalan Nangka, Kelurahan Sei Putih Barat, Medan Petisah, Medan City, North Sumatra.

What’s surprising on the ID card, the perpetrator is a student. Information compiled, the incident occurred at around 8:45 WIB.

Where, there are unknown people (OTK) carrying out suicide bombings.

At around 08.00 WIB, it was suspected that the perpetrators entered the Medan Polrestabes using an online motorcycle taxi jacket.

The perpetrator entered through the front door to the Operations Department. When he arrived there, the perpetrator blew himself up and resulted in injuries.

Ojol drivers were seen queuing for food at Kemanggisan, West Jakarta Wednesday (11/13/2019).