BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – The agricultural sector is still the main source of livelihood or employment for the population of the Province of South Kalimantan. In August 2018, employment in the agricultural sector amounted to 33.79 percent of the total working population.

Although the agricultural sector cannot be shifted by other sectors, the transportation sector has actually increased since 2016. Based on the percentage of South 15-year-olds who work according to the main employment sector of the South Kalimantan Central Bureau of Statistics, the transportation and warehousing sector has increased from 3.75 percent to 4.8 August 7 2017 and rose again to 4.99 percent in August 2018.

The increase in transportation figures was allegedly due to the increasing number of household trade and accommodation services. In August 2016 the percentage of the trade sector was 25 point 17 percent and then fell to 24.05 percent and then rose again in August 2018 with a figure of 25.65 percent.

“The increase in transportation can be caused by the online-online crowd, ranging from online shopping and online transportation, online motorcycle taxis and online taxis,” explained the Head of Statistics Agnes Widiastuti at the BPS South Kalimantan press conference.

At present there are three sectors that absorb the most employment in the Province of South Kalimantan. The agricultural sector absorbs 33.79 percent of the workforce, the trade sector absorbs employment of 25.65 percent, and the social services sector absorbs employment of 15.27 percent.

While the number of the workforce reached 2.12 million people, an increase of 42.8 thousand people compared to August 2017. The total working population reached 2.02 million people, an increase of 46.5 thousand people compared to August 2017. In August 2018, the Level of Participation The South Kalimantan Work Force is 70.27 percent and the Open Unemployment Rate is 4.50 percent.

A total of 46.16 percent of the population works in South Kalimantan with elementary / no diplomas and 17.70 percent of workers graduating from junior high school or equivalent, only 11.19 percent of workers complete their diploma and university education.

The highest TPT is at the High School level or equivalent, which is equal to 8.64 percent, while the lowest TPT is in the elementary education level down by 1.92 percent. While TPTs that experienced an increase were in diploma and university education levels which rose by 1.60 points from 5.00 percent in 2017 up to 6.60. While the level of education of high school equivalent, junior high and elementary school experienced a decline in unemployment.

There is an increase in unemployment rates at the Diploma level and the Agnes analysis university because graduates with this education certificate are more picky jobs than high school graduates equivalent to below.

Based on BPS data, the highest unemployment rate is in Banjarmasin with a figure of 8.25 percent while in the second serial number is Tanah Bumbu with a figure of 6.34 percent followed by Banjarbaru at 5.20 percent. As for the whole South Kalimantan the open unemployment rate is 4, 50 percent.