, Palembang – About hundreds of online motorcycle taxi drivers and online taxi Gojek raided the office of PT Gojek Indonesia Palembang Branch again on Tuesday (8/10). Earlier on Thursday (3/10), they had come to express their demands against PT Gojek.

In the previous action, the motorcycle taxis and taxi drivers on the network (online) who joined the Palembang Online Driver Movement rejected the rule that PT Gojek would cut the incentive money whose amount was 50 percent.

At this time, they came by complaining because that they felt deceived related to the completion of PT Gojek Indonesia’s rules in Palembang which will cut incentive money by 50 percent. Which, in the previous action, was written on a 6,000 stamp.

The action coordinator, Dedi Kurniawan, said that the impact of the downward incentive made drivers both motorcycle taxis and online taxis in the city known as the Ampera Bridge icon not reach the target.

Not only that, he said, the other impact was making lack of orders. According to him, since the last two days after the regulation was inaugurated they were forced to carry it out.

“So, the drivers have no choice, they are forced to go through and the impact is the customers are lack and the target is never achieved, “he said in Palembang.

According to him, the rules applied were considered unreasonable. He considered, 18 points in the policy scheme were detrimental to drivers as corporate partners. That is, if the incentive is reduced by 50 percent then the driver does not get anything and it is considered inhuman.

“Yes, on average only 13 points out of the 18 points that have been declared,” he said.