TRIBUNNEWS.COM, BATAM – Conflict between conventional taxi drivers and online taxis in Batam it seems like it never runs out.

Latest, on Friday (11/15/2019), the both sides fought back at the Hang Nadim Airport in Batam.

Moreover, allegedly one of the online taxi drivers became a victim of the dispute this time.

The commotion between the two also caused the atmosphere to look tense.

In addition, the commotion had also made several vehicles stuck in traffic before entering the main airport door access.

Batam Tribune monitoring at the location, also appeared several security officers, from the police and the TNI had stood guard around the circle of the Rajawali statue, the mascot of Batam’s Hang Nadim Airport.

This is to anticipate any further riots.

“This is just anticipation from the airport. It is feared that there will be a counter attack from online taxis because they did not accept that their friend was hit, “explained an airport officer to the Batam Tribune.

Until this news is written, allegedly the dispute still due to the old problem of online taxi licensing in Batam City.

Batam Tribune is still trying to confirm the related parties regarding the cause of the commotion. (