Income of most online taxi and motorcycle taxi drivers continues to decline despite still meeting provincial minimum wages., JAKARTA – The revenue of most online taxi and motorcycle taxi drivers continues to decline despite still meeting provincial minimum wages.
Based on a survey conducted by the Institute of Transportation Studies (Instran), 72.3% of online taxi drivers who became respondents felt a decrease in income compared to when they started the special rental transportation driving profession.
The survey was conducted on 300 online taxi drivers in Jabodetabek, DI Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Bali.
Of the 217 drivers who claimed reduced income, 32.3% of them felt a decrease of more than 40% to 50% [see table].
As many as 36.8% of respondents said that the decrease in income was caused by the increasing number of special rental transportation. The rest said that the tariff per km dropped, points or targets were raised, bonuses were lowered, consumers were reduced, congestion and changes in application policies.
Meanwhile, 68.7% of respondents online motorcycle taxi drivers also felt a decrease in income. Respondents were taken from 300 online motorcycle taxi drivers in the same cities.
Of the respondents who claimed their income dropped, 33% said their income had decreased by more than 40% to 50% [see table].
As many as 32.5% of respondents said that the increasing number of online motorcycle taxis caused their income to decline. In addition, they mentioned a decrease in per-km rates, raised points or targets, lowered bonuses, applicator tariff wars, up-cuts, and fraudulent drivers, as a cause.
Gross Income

The Instran survey shows gross revenues of 29.3% of respondents to online taxi drivers ranging from Rp. 300,500 to Rp. 400,000 per day. The rest claimed Rp. 400,500-Rp. 500,000 per day (23.7%), less than Rp. 300,000 per day (22.7%), Rp. 500,500-Rp. 600,000 per day (15%), and more than 600,000 per day (9.3%).
Meanwhile, 32% of respondents of online motorcycle taxi drivers claim to have a gross income of IDR 150,500 – IDR 200,000 per day. The rest mentioned Rp. 100,500-Rp150,000 per day (28.7%), Rp. 200,500-Rp. 250,000 per day (17%), Rp. 100,000 per day (13%), Rp. 250,500-Rp. 300,000 per day. days (7.7%), and more than IDR 300,000 per day (1.7%).
Remembering that most drivers, both online taxis and online motorcycle taxis, work seven days a week, so the gross revenues of the two transport drivers are still above the UMP.
DKI Jakarta UMP Rp.3.6 million per month, Bali Rp.2.1 million per month, West Java Rp1.5 million per month, East Java Rp1.5 million per month, and DI Yogyakarta almost Rp1.5 million per month.
Percentage of Decreased Special Rental Car Driver (ASK) Income
ASK Driver Decline

80% 2.8%
70% -80% 3.2%
60% -70% 3.7%
50% -60% 8.3%
40% -50% 32.3%
30% -40%
20% -30.1%
10% -20.2%
0% -10% 6.5%
Source: Instran Survey, 2018
Percentage Decrease Percentage of Ojek Online (Ojol) Drivers
Ojol Driver Decline
not mention 3,4%
80% 0.5%
70% -80% 1.9%
60% -70% 4.4%
50% -60% 5.3%
40% -50% 33%
30% -40% 6.3%
20% -30.4%
10% -20% 20.9%
0% -10% 4.9%
Source: Instran Survey, 2018