BPJT accommodates complaints from ASK drivers regarding transportation applicator actions which is considered disadvantageous to the operator.

Kabar24.com, JAKARTA – Jabodetabek Transportation Management Agency (BPJT) receives many complaints from operators and drivers online.

The Head of the Jabodetabek Transportation Management Agency (BPTJ) Bambang Prihartono revealed that his party often holds meetings with application-based taxi operators called special rental transportation (ASK).

In various meetings, his party accommodated complaints from ASK drivers related to the transportation applicator’s actions that were considered detrimental to the operator. Most, he said, are suspended by the applicator.

“After that we went to the applicator’s office as an effort to bridge so there were no gaps in communication,” he said while testifying at a trial of alleged violations of business competition with reported PT Indonesian Transportation Solutions or Grab Indonesia and PT Indonesian Transportation Technology (TPI), Tuesday (26) / 11/2019).

BPTJ according to him, has the authority to regulate the transportation system in Jabodetabek, including taxis that are based on online.

The agglomeration area has 112,000 taxi rations, of which 36,000 are intended for online taxis. However, so far, only 19,000 taxis under 120 ASK are registered at BPTJ.

As known, The Commission is aiming at Grab and PT TPI because both of them are suspected of violating business competition by prioritizing driver partners who are members of PT TPI to get passengers beside the other partners.

In the Alleged Violation Report (LDP) case Number 13 / KPPU-I / 2019 which was read out by the investigator, there were three articles that were allegedly violated by Grab and PT TPI. These articles are Article 14 related to vertical integration, Article 15 paragraph (2) related to exclusive deal and Article 19 letter (d) relating to discriminatory treatment in Law No. 5 of 1999 concerning Prohibition of Monopolistic Practices and Unfair Business Competition.

KPPU investigator Dewi Sita in the report reading agenda said that PT TPI was known to be a business provider of special rental transportation services or was also referred to as a micro / small business operator providing special rental transportation services.

In carrying out its business activities, PT TPI cooperates with drivers who are independent parties to operate four-wheeled vehicles leased from PT TPI.

In examining the relevant markets of the two reported parties, the investigator found a link between the market products of PT TPI and Grab. It was stated that Grab as the application provider has given exclusive treatment to the driver partners under the auspices of PT TPI who rented a car from PT TPI.

The allegation was strengthened because the two companies allegedly affiliated, because of the dual positions between directors and commissioners in both companies.