Jakarta – Two online taxi service companies in Saudi Arabia, Uber and Careem, will recruit female drivers after the government announced plans to lift a ban on women in June 2018.
This plan was welcomed by Saudi women. Shortly after the announcement, thousands of women immediately signed up
This decision is not without preparation. Since the government announced the agenda, Careem immediately organized a training session for women who previously had overseas driving licenses.

Led by a number of Careem’s employees, the 90-minute session was attended by Saudi lawyers, technicians, as well as teams that will teach driver candidates about the online taxi application.

“From the beginning, we are welcoming the women to work well with our platform,” said one of Careeem founders, Abdullah Elyas, told CNN.

Until now, Careem has received thousands of registration applications from Saudi women who want to be a driver. Careem also targets to capture 10 thousand “female captains” in June 2018.

“Female captains will help us provide better services for many women who want to travel, but do not want a male driver,” Elyas said.

During this time, many Saudi women are reluctant to use an online taxi service because men carrying men’s cars are banned in the local culture.

Meanwhile, Uber uses a unique way to receive female driver registration. They will open a “one-stop-shop” facility called Green Light Hubs at some point.

“We will partner with a number of stakeholders to facilitate job descriptions, training access, and vehicle access, including access to third-party driving classes,” Uber’s Saudi manager Zeid Hreish said.

In addition, Uber will also hold a hearing session for women in Riyadh. During the session, Uber will discuss with participants to “establish corporate priorities and plans for women in Saudi Arabia.”

Uber and Careem are considered to be very careful in setting the pace in Saudi, a very conservative country.

Both companies also claim to have been very careful. They even set up a number of special rules in Arabia, such as female driver selection keys can only be used by female customers.

The option will be equipped with the phone number’s disguised features to prevent driver’s and customer’s contact numbers after the trip ends.

The stability of this company’s preparation also made the prospective female driver very optimistic, one of them Amani Alawwami.

“This vehicle sharing app really helps us, I want to help when somebody needs help to pick something up, so happy to be one of the first female captains in my country,” Alawwami said. (has / has)

Source Hanna Azarya Samosir , CNN Indonesia |