TRIBUNJABAR.ID, BANDUNG- A misunderstanding between online taxi drivers and base ojek had occurred at Jalan Pasir Impun, Mandalajati Urban Village, Bandung City, Wednesday (05/12/2018).

The incident occurred at 14.00 WIB when an online taxi was about to deliver its passengers, to Jalan Pasir Impun.

According to the Public Relations Ojek Pangkalan Pasir Impun, Prihadi, the online taxi drove into Jalan Pasir Impun.

“It should be according to the agreement, if the ojol (online motorcycle taxi) or online taxi drop (passenger) at the ojek base, then we will take it to Pasir Impun,” said Prihadi on Jalan Pasir Impun.

Prihadi said that he knew the online taxi because he saw the sticker installed in the car.

Ojek pangkalan Pasir Impun immediately stopped the car when returning from delivering passengers.

“We just ask, he is new or not, does he not know the agreement here. In essence, we only want mutual respect, sharing, and respecting the commitments and agreements that have been made,” he said.

The misunderstanding was immediately handled by the Antapani Sector Police.

“It was around 2 o’clock, mediated at 5 pm, until about half past eight in the evening just relaxed, it was only conducive to the atmosphere,” said the Antapani Police Criminal Investigation Unit, Dedi.

According to Dedi, several motorbike taxi drivers from outside Pasir Impun had come to the scene because they thought there were clashes there.

After hearing the police’s explanation that there were no clashes and there would be mediation, the base motorcycle taxi drivers from outside Pasir Impun dispersed.

The mediation results, taxi and online motorcycle taxi agreed to reduce passengers around the base of the Pasir Impun motorcycle taxi, then the passengers will be forwarded by ojek Pasir Impun.

Dedi said, in the mediation there were about 10 representatives from online taxi and motorcycle taxi drivers.

Until, at around 8:00 p.m., a number of police were still on guard. Some of them want to secure traffic flow.

Also seen were two police cars parked in front of Kimia Farma Pharmacy, Jalan A.H Nasution.