Jakarta – The Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) will regulate the number or quota of taxi vehicles online in every operational area. This is stated in the revision of the Minister of Transportation Regulation No. 26 of 2017.

The Online Driver Association also requested that the government be able to involve them in regulating the issue of quota operations. This is so that the government can get the right amount against the quota given.

“We ask at the time of the determination of the quota, the government is not one-sided, it also involves us, to really get the right amount,” said ADO Chairman, Christian Wagey in a discussion themed Peeling Polemic Regulation of Online Transport held detikcom in Jakarta, Wednesday 25/10/2017).

Chiristian said, the current number of online taxis is very much. Even according to him, the government is also difficult to know the exact number of taxis online that operate.

Supposedly, he said, the government could be firmly to close the registration as a driver in the application since the validity of PM 32 years 2016. However, the government did not do that. As a result, the number of online taxis continues to grow to date.

“Since we are still PM 32 we propose if you can close the first registration in the application, but the government does not do that, even up to the candy 26, the application company continues to recruit new drivers, to very much.

He was worried, if the government is not right in determining the online taxi quota can be detrimental to the driver.

“Because of this, do not get a lot of colleagues in the field who took the vehicle loan, eventually had to lose his vehicle because it does not get in this quota, so this is not an easy task but we sure can be overcome by involving all parties,” he said.