LAMPUNG – Online taxi driver, Yusuf Saputra, resident of Gunung Sulah, Bandar Lampung, reported police officers to the Lampung Regional Police on Tuesday (11/12/2018) afternoon. In his report Yusuf Saputra admitted after his car was hit and then beaten by a CA Brigadier, a member of the Pesawaran police station

According to information compiled, the Avanza car driven by Yusuf Saputra, when he stopped dropping passengers, on the Sumatra (jalinsum), Branti, Natar, South Lampung crossing roads, on Monday (10/12) suddenly from the back came an Ertiga type car who was driven by a person from the Police Brigade, allegedly crashing into the back of Yusuf Saputra’s car.

After crashing, someone from the Police. CH dropped to beat Yusuf Saputra. Not daring to fight, Yusuf Sapura fled. Not only that, Brigadier General. CH, who had not yet satisfied vent his anger by breaking Yusuf Saputra’s windshield.

Head of Lampung Regional Police Propam, Commissioner Pol. Hendra Supriatna confirmed the existence of the report and his party would remain professional in handling cases relating to Lampung Police officers.

“We will check first to find out the truth,” he said.