TRIBUNJAKARTA.COM, PULOGADUNG – The implementation of evenly odd expansion in DKI Jakarta is extended, and will continue until the Asian Paralympics Games are finished on 13 October.

The extension of the rule, apparently raises its own concerns among online taxi drivers in the Rawamangun area, East Jakarta.

Sanggraha, an online taxi driver, admitted, since the odd-even regulations on a number of arterial roads, caused his income to decrease slightly.

“When it gets odd-numbered, it automatically has to go through another road which is a bit far away. Because of that, gasoline money must increase as well. So fewer people enter it,” Sanggraha said on Monday (10/10/2018).

Income that has been slightly reduced since the odd-even regulation, was also recognized by Setiyono, another online taxi driver.

According to him, the existence of the regulation made him difficult when he had to pick up passengers who were in odd-even areas.

“I once asked for pick up on an odd-numbered road. I asked for a little walk first out of the area, instead it was dicancel. It’s really difficult,” said Setiyono.

Therefore, he hopes the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government will review the regulation, especially for online taxi drivers in the capital area.

“Jakarta is a lot of online taxis, we count also public transportation. Hopefully more will be studied oddly,” Setiyono said.

Please note, the extension of the odd-even rule is stated in Governor Regulation number 92 of 2018 concerning Traffic Restrictions with Odd System Approaching and During the Implementation of the 2018 Asian Para Games.

In Article 3 paragraphs 1 and 2 it is stated oddly-evenly to apply from September 3 to October 13, 2018 on Monday-Friday at 06.00-21.00 WIB.