INDOPOS.CO.ID – There are a number of online taxi drivers who “cry” face the complicated problems they face. On the one hand, there are more and more online taxi drivers so they reduce their ‘cakes’ income. In the midst of these problems, they also had to face the practice of pulling units by finance companies.

“The problem is complicated, bro. Now many online taxi drivers. Income is getting smaller. Finally, we were late paying our car payments. Uh, finance companies are just pulling, “said Budi, an online taxi driver to INDOPOS, recently.

According to Budi, in order to survive, he currently inevitably rented a car to remain an online taxi driver. Because the car has been pulled by a finance company. In fact, according to him, the delay is only 7 days. While the installment payment, it’s almost paid off.

“I was asked to come to his office (a finance company). I tried to finish it well. I take the money to pay the installments, because it is only available. Uh, it turns out there, my car was pulled. In fact, I had to pay another IDR 15 million in withdrawal money and a late fine. “Bro, bro,” said Budi.

The withdrawal money, according to a finance company statement to Iwan, for payment of withdrawal fees to third parties. “This is strange, man. I did not come to his office, bring the car. There is no withdrawal from the debt collector. But I have to pay for debt collector services, “he said softly.

The same fate, according to him, is also experienced by other online taxi drivers. “Right, bro. We dare to take a car because the DP is small. Then, the income is also good. Initially it was good. But increasingly here, more and more rivals. Finally, small income, “said Iwan, another online taxi driver.

According to Iwan, he now works almost 24 hours. During those 24 hours, the application is active and he is ready. “If someone orders, I take it, even though midnight is sleeping. If not, isn’t it enough, mas, to eat family and pay installments, “explained Iwan.

It’s been like that their struggle, according to Iwan, a finance company “judges” itself. “Sad, bro, what can I do?” Said Iwan.

Responding to this, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kemenkumham) asserted, there was no rule that allowed a finance company to forcibly withdraw public vehicle units as debtors, only because they were late in paying installments.

“Can’t finance companies arbitrarily withdraw motor vehicles or four-wheeled people, even though they are late in paying installments,” explained the Head of Public Relations of Kemenkumham, Dedet when contacted by INDOPOS on Friday (7/13).

According to him, according to Law Number 42 of 1999 concerning Fiduciary, it was stated that the issue of debt payable between creditors and debtors concerns the realm of civil law. So that the creditor or leasing is not justified in forcibly withdrawing the vehicle belonging to the debtor.

“Obviously, they are not entitled to carry out executions. Because this is a civil problem, the debt problem is” he explained.

Apart from not being allowed to withdraw vehicles, according to the law, the debtor also may not use the services of a debt collector to withdraw the vehicle.

“If there is a problem, mediation or court can be resolved, not forcibly withdrawing public vehicles,” Dedet explained.

He also appealed to the public as victims of the forced withdrawal of vehicles by debt collectors, to not hesitate to report it to the authorities. Because ‘acts of thuggery’ were turned off and violated criminal law.

“But unfortunately very few people report it,” he said.

Instead, each leasing must also comply with applicable regulations. “This means that companies may not withdraw any motorbikes or vehicles due to late payments. That is already the rule, so every company must comply,” Dedet said.

Meanwhile, PT Adira Finance, when contacted, was not yet prepared to provide information about the terms and mechanism in dealing with debtor vehicle payments.

“Please send a letter first, then it will be followed up,” said one of the leaders of PT Adira Finance when contacted last weekend.

Meanwhile, Nanda, an employee of a finance company, admitted that he had a wise way of dealing with arrears in vehicle payments by debtors without having to hit regulations. One way is done by receiving payments per month in the event of a minimum of two months arrears.

“If you can afford one month, it’s okay to get paid a month ago. If you can’t afford it, then it will be handled by a debt collector,” he explained when asked by INDOPOS yesterday.

However, he said, the issue will only be submitted to the debt collector after a minimum of two months in arrears in payments. “Even then it was not immediately executed, it was asked carefully first according to the procedure,” he explained.

Nonetheless, Nanda admitted that there were also debtors who took the initiative to surrender their own vehicles due to their inability to pay installment payments.

“There are some of them because their work contracts are exhausted, they cannot afford to pay anymore, eventually leaving the unit to us,” he said.