Karawang – A man was found dead in a car parked at the Marketing Gallery of Galuh Mas, Desa Sukaharja, Kelurahan East Telukjambe, Karawang Regency Wednesday morning (04/17/2019). When the corpse was found drooping with foamy mouth.

“At that time when the victim was found his mouth was spewing foam and drugs were found near the victim’s head,” Sutrisno, Galuh Mas Security told reporters.

Sutrisno said the body of the man drooped in the driver seat of the 1243 T Avanza car. At that moment the car’s engine was still on and the car door was still open.

“The victim was found at eight in the morning. Initially thought to be asleep, it was found dead when repeatedly called not to answer,” he said.

At present, the police have evacuated the victims’ bodies to RSUD Karawang. The police said the victim was a Grab driver named Aaf Arif Faturohman (49). The results of the police inspection, no signs of violence were found in the body of the middle-aged man.

“Not a victim of murder. There is no sign of violence in the body of the victim. The cause of death is allegedly due to a heart attack,” said Chief of the East Telukjambe Police Commissioner Ahmad Mulyana when confirmed by telephone via telephone.

According to Ahmad, almost every day Aaf gets orders from passengers at the Galuh Mas shopping area. “Victims usually park at the location after delivering passengers,” he said.