– Who would have thought, apparently the artist Kimberly Ryder did not hesitate to use online taxi services (taksol).

A driver named Erwin Doang then shared his story when his car was boarded by the Paper Boat movie player. Can be seen from the upload of social network @ on Sunday (24/2).

From the screenshot of the photo uploaded, you can see the taxol driver taking pictures with Kimberly Ryder in the car. Both of them compact a thin smile to the camera.

Unexpectedly, an astonishing confession was later written by Erwin Doang. He was excited because he got a bonus from the artist who was considered a beautiful and friendly person.

Incidentally at that time, Kimberly Ryder paid for services with the Go-Pay application and still gave a IDR 50,000 tip to the taxol driver.

Driver taksi online dan Kimberly Ryder. (Instagram/
An online taxi driver and Kimberly Ryder. (Instagram/

“There are good indo artists, some are not good. If the customer is beautiful, friendly, willing to talk to, and pay Go-Pay, but still give tips. Thanks Kimberly,” wrote Erwin Doang.

No doubt, these uploads attracted Warganet’s attention. Someone gave jealous comments like the following.

“If I become the driver, I ask to sit on the side. Let me be like my own wife,” commented @ wardhan.rd.

Meanwhile, other netizens even mentioned about the fortune obtained by taxol drivers.

“Fortune is not only about money, sir, having a customer like that is also a fortune,” said _fajarbudiman.