TRIBUNJATENG.COM, TULUNGAGUNG – An online taxi driver was robbed by his passengers. The Grab Car driver is NA (41) a resident of Batangsaren Village, Kauman District, Tulungagung Regency.

When launching the action, the perpetrator first ensnares and sedates NA.

Within three days, the police arrested the culprit. He is Dhimas Rizki Susilo (23) a resident of the Village / District of Kauman.

This incident began when NA got an order online, on Friday (2/15/2019) at around 04.15 WIB. The order turned out to be from Rizki on Jalan Bromo, Desa / Kecamatan Kauman.

Dhimas ordered two stop points, namely the rice fields of Sedayu Hamlet, Bungur Village, Rejotangan Subdistrict and at Tulungagung Station.

“The perpetrator is thought to have planned, because he has prepared a number of items for action,” explained the Head of Public Relations of Tulungagung Police, AKP Sumaji, Monday (2/18/2019).

NA came with a Honda Brio AG 1757 SS. Dhimas chose to sit in the back seat. When he arrived at the rice fields in Sedayu Village, Dhimas trapped NA’s neck with a rope.

When NA rebelled, Dhimas covered his mouth and nose with a wet towel. It was suspected that the towel had been given a liquid medicine. NA then fainted after sucking a towel in Dhimas’s hand.

“When the victim fainted, the perpetrator tied his hands and covered his mouth and eyes with prepared duct tape,” Sumaji continued.

Dhimas then runs the NA car.

During the trip NA could not resist, because under the influence of the anesthetic used by Dhimas. Initially Dhimas intended to take the NA car.

But his mind changed, he only took a Samsung S6 Egde brand mobile phone, and the victim was Rp. 70,000. I realized after 07.00 WIB on a plantation he didn’t know.

“This victim reported to the Tulungagung Regional Police station at night, around 9:00 p.m. Armed with the victim’s information, the police immediately moved, “said Sumaji.

The police had come to where NA took the order. From the information of the local residents, there are some people who usually go to work in the morning. Even the police also got a photo of the alleged perpetrator.

After the photo was shown to NA, NA confirmed the person in the photo was the culprit. The police also went to the perpetrator’s house, not far from where he ordered Grab Car. According to the family, Dhimas left for work in Malang.

“It was alleged that the perpetrator returned to Malang, after leaving the victim’s car. The officer then tracked his whereabouts, “Sumaji said.

Dhimas was known to go home on Sunday (2/17) in the morning. The police quickly arrested him. Dhimas could not dodge and admit all his actions.

To the investigators, Dhimas admitted that he was experiencing economic turmoil. Dhimas has also planned the action carefully. One of them is learning about anesthesia on Youtube.

“At present the perpetrators are still being examined in the General Criminal Unit (Pidum). A more complete explanation will be delivered tomorrow (today), “concluded Sumaji.