, Jakarta For taxi customers online, get cool riders, young, and stylish would be a pleasure in itself. Especially if he connect and can balance the chat along the congestion toward the destination.

Like Rudi, 27, a former banker of an international bank. He opened the windshield while greeting the friendly passengers who walked to his car from behind sunglasses. Clasic hair of the uppercut model with pomade makes it look more contemporary.

Any woman it’s hard to resist the charm and prince charming aura Rudi. Sure enough, while sitting nicely in the back, he also treated the passengers like a king.

Soon the phone rang from his cell phone. He also asked permission to pick up the phone. In essence the amount of money has been transferred into his account from several trips.

For some reason Rudi also joked long about the beginning he got acquainted with the caller on the passenger behind him. Either want to show off, be grateful, or need a story friend right then and there.

Rudi apparently adopted a child by a woman who has been six months into his subscription. Even last week he was invited to a family vacation by his adoptive mother.

“And he has a child my age too, Ma’am, I am a friend in Jogja, and his family also welcome me,” Rudi said unbelievingly.

Like a mother who took part in her life, Rudi is in a dilemma. Whether he will take an offer to work in the office of the adoptive mother, or be loyal to his choice after resign to become an online taxi driver.

Hmm … there are so many different stories and proximity created on the go with the online taxi. Got the same story?