TRIBUNJOGJA.COM – The Association of Online Jogja Drivers (PPOJ) welcomed the Supreme Court’s decision to revoke a number of articles in Permenhub 108 year 2017.

They hope the government can still provide a legal umbrella so that online taxi drivers can be more comfortable at work.

“This decision was very encouraging and we welcomed it because our objections were revoked,” said PPOJ Chairman Yulianto Dendi Prajoko to the Jogja Tribune on Thursday (09/13/2018).

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So far, the objections felt by online taxi drivers, which number around 700 to 800 people in Yogyakarta, are KIR rules, legal vehicles, general SIM A ownership, and other objections.

Drivers assess this rule as if they do not have a vehicle in private.

He asserted that online drivers need a legal umbrella to control everything. During this time, this regulation was only in the application or created by the applicator.

He hopes that there will be regulations that can benefit these online drivers.