TRIBUNNEWS.COM, BANDUNG – An online taxi driver, Iqbal Agni Ramadan (28) was secured by the Bandung Prabu Polrestabes Team in the Kosambi Area, Jalan Ahmad Yani, Bandung, Tuesday (03/07/2018).

He was involved in persecuting a cafe employee in Kosambi, when the perpetrator was suspected of being drunk.

The atmosphere in the cafe became excited when Iqbal was arrested. The road in front of the cafe was jammed. The beginning of the commotion because Iqbal allegedly drank liquor and drunk.

“He (Iqbal), Grab’s driver, likes to hang out here. I know he is drunk and then to the motorbike parking lot. Meet the cafe workers here and there is a commotion,” said Soleh (25), the clerk parked in the cafe in front of Kosambi Market.

When the visitors and pedestrians who passed scattered saw this incident and secured Iqbal to the security guard post. He almost became the mass months.

The Prabu Polrestabes Bandung team sterilized the scene and had interrogated Iqbal at the security post. Iqbal said he was not drunk but when speaking in front of a member of Prabu’s team, he smelled alcohol.

 “You drink, get drunk. Your mouth smells of alcohol,” said a member of the Prabu Team. Iqbal managed to dodge but the smell of his mouth smelled of alcohol.

“I am not drunk, sir. I met in the toilet reprimanding and then there was forestry,” said Iqbal carrying a mini bus with a number D 1412 AGM.

 The Head of Prabu Ipda Suyanto’s Team explained the chronology of the incident when Iqbal who often hung out in the area was seriously drunk and entered the cafe area.

“Allegedly he was drunk, he was reprimanded by the cafe employee for interrupting. But because he did not accept it he was reprimanded, there was a commotion. We immediately secured the victim to get treatment and secure the perpetrators to Mapolrestabes Bandung,” he said.