– Quite troubling with many criminal cases involving online taxis.

One of them is rampant namely online taxis that target cars that are driven by the driver and do not hesitate to injure the perpetrators of injuring their victims.

In order to anticipate this crime, various ways and ways to do by online taxi drivers for their safety.

As seen by from Instagram @ gojek24jam, with an initial post from Instastory, one of the netizens.

Seen the driver’s room surrounded by a wire that separates the driver’s room and space for passengers.

So, the position of the driver or driver will not be reachable by passengers on his left side or behind him.

When confirmed by netizens who uploaded the post on their Instastory, the owner of the @poppyoctaviany Instagram account justified the driver’s actions.

“I took the photo on November 12, 2018 and because it was unique and creative I also captured it through photos,” said Poopy when contacted by