BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID, GRESIK – The ranks of the Gresik Regional Police arrested FAP, caught in the murder of an online taxi driver Andre Putra Hariyono (21) who was his own friend, in a house in Kepatihan Village, Menganti District, Gresik, East Java, Sunday (10 / 3/2019).

Reporting from, in addition to FAP, the police also arrested three other people allegedly related to Andre’s murder case.

At that time, Andre, a resident of Kupang Krajan Gang III number 42, Sawahan Sub-district, Surabaya, was found dead at his parents’ house, Sulindayani.

“At 4:00 a.m., residents found a male victim at Ibu Sulindayani’s house, which was then reported to the local police station. With the Polsek then working together with the team from the Polres to identify, “said the Head of Gresik Police AKBP Wahyu Sri Bintoro, in a release held at the Gresik Mapolres yard on Thursday (3/21/2019).

Wahyu said, after an investigation was carried out, all perpetrators were secured. Starting from R as a receiver from a cellphone belonging to a stolen victim, along with the NH suspect.

Wahyu said that of the two suspects, the police then secured the FAP suspect who was the main actor on Tuesday night (12/3/2019). After that the officer secured the IG, who became the buyer of the victim’s motorbike that had been stolen by the perpetrator.

Wahyu said, R (27), NH (51), FAP (20), and IG (21) were residents of Surabaya. The FAP who was suspected to be the main actor in this incident was a friend of the victims who both came from Kupang Krajan.

Chronology of murder

Andre’s victim, who works as an online taxi driver, visited his parents’ house in Kepatihan Village, Menganti Sub-District, Gresik, East Java.

The day before the incident on Saturday (3/3/2019), Andre was picked up by the FAP suspect to visit a disco in Surabaya.

After returning from the discotheque when he arrived at the victim’s house around midnight, the original victim wanted to invite the perpetrator to find a female friend. However, it was not accomplished because the victims and perpetrators slept in the house.

Allegedly because of the effects of liquor drinked.

FAP had awakened and then had the intention to steal the victim’s cellphone. Andre who woke up saw FAP pick up his cellphone. Because it was known, the perpetrators then killed the victim.

The perpetrator ensnared the victim with a charger cable.

“But because the victim is still fighting, he was finally beaten several times using the hammer in the house,” he said.

Seeing the victim was helpless, the perpetrator left the house with his victim’s cellphone and motorcycle. The victim was found dead on Sunday (03/10/2019) at around 04.00 WIB.

The victim’s cellphone was then sold by FAP to R and NH, while the motorbike was sold to IG

Related to theft and violence and murder ensnare different articles to the perpetrators. Article 365 of the Criminal Code and 338 of the Criminal Code for FAP with the threat of 15 years in prison, and Article 480 of the Criminal Code to R, NH, and IG, with the threat of 4 years in prison.