TRIBUNJABAR.ID, BANDUNG – Minister of Transportation Regulation (Permenhub) number 108 of 2017 concerning the management of public transport vehicles not on routes still receives rejection from online taxi drivers.

So far the driver has not reached an agreement with the government.

In the regulation there are nine points regulated, namely the meter, tariff, operating area, quota, minimum requirements for five vehicles, proof of motor vehicle ownership (BPKB), domicile, type test registration certificate, and applicator role.

Permenhub also requires drivers to have a general A SIM, carry out a car test and be registered with a legal entity. Those three points are still not wanted by the drivers. Some online taxi drivers in Bandung insist on rejecting the rules.

Iwan Setiawan (43), one of the online taxi drivers, who is also Chairman of the We Are Community Online Car Driver (Wardoc), said that some drivers had taken the test to get a general A SIM. However, the process is too convoluted then makes other drivers lazy to follow it.

“There are colleagues who take the general SIM A test. But they still don’t pass. They say it’s free, but they still have to pay. So if you don’t pass the test, you will have to pay again,” Iwan met at Jalan Soka, Bandung, not yet. this long time.
Since 2015, Iwan has become an online taxi driver. Initially he was just a fad to get extra income.

But now, he is focused on earning a living from online taxis.

When I first drove a taxi online, Iwan did not yet have his own car. He uses someone else’s car. But now, Iwan already has a car unit that he uses to take passengers.

According to Iwan, the SIM problem is actually not too questionable. But he requested that the arrangement be made easier.

“The heavy one is about the test. If we test right, then the price of vehicles can fall. The age of vehicles that can be used for online taxis cannot be more than five years. If the car is released in 2013, it can only be used until 2018. if the online driver’s vehicle has exceeded the five-year limit, “he said.

Carrying out a kir test also has to pay. Even though at present, the income from online taxis is uncertain. According to Iwan, the average online driver in Bandung must work for 14 to 17 hours to get a profit. On average to get one passenger to deliver to the destination takes one hour.

“Sometimes just getting one passenger is difficult. The problem is that there are already a lot of drivers,” said Iwan, who began to look for passengers every day since 05.00.

From morning to night, he said, the average driver can only take 10 to 14 passengers at a short distance. Traffic in Bandung is jammed, making an online driver takes about an hour to take passengers.

“For example, from BIP to Buahbatu. The distance is indeed close. But because of traffic jams the travel time is long,” said Iwan.

According to him, the average cost of carrying one passenger is Rp. 15 thousand. If you get 10 passengers in a day, you can only get Rp. 150 thousand. For 10 passengers, the online driver will get a bonus from the applicator of Rp. 100 thousand.

“On average a day is only Rp. 250 thousand. Continue to cut gasoline, eat, and others. The net is in the range of Rp. 100 to Rp. 150 thousand,” he said.

Within a month, if he took a four-day holiday, he continued, the total net income would be in the range of IDR 4 to IDR 5 million. The amount was used again to pay the car installments between Rp 3 to Rp 4.5 million.

“In the past it was fortunately big. Now if you want to get a big profit you have to work more than 14 hours. You can even get more than 20 hours so you can pay for fees and kitchen costs,” he said.

The risks faced if working more than 14 hours, he said, he rarely met with family. However, if it is not like that, Iwan admitted that it was difficult to fulfill the needs of the house. Moreover, being an online driver has become his main income.

“Now, after joining a legal entity, cooperatives, every time you want to withdraw money there is a seven percent discount. You cannot avoid it because the account used is a cooperative account. Because the account is a cooperative account, the application sends money to that account, so we want to take money. “Take it in a cooperative,” said Iwan.

This condition is different from before there was a rule. In the past, Iwan could immediately withdraw money into his account. The existence of this legal entity, he said, did not bring benefits to the drivers.

“The steps are already modern, but the rules are conventional. Strangely, even though we have legal entities, if we pay taxes, the tax is still a luxury car tax, there is no subsidy from the government,” Iwan said.

Another thing, about the joining of a conventional taxi, was to become an online taxi, Iwan said the online taxi drivers objected. “Drivers have never questioned it,” he said.