Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – A man with the initials K, a resident of Bogor who works as an online taxi driver claimed to be a victim of abuse during the Mapolsek Ciracas burning, East Jakarta, Wednesday (12/12) morning. He claimed to have been mobbed by people who were around Mapolsek Ciracas.

According to A, wife K the incident occurred when her husband crossed Jalan Raya Bogor and was about to return to his home in Cikeas.

“At that time, my husband was on his way home. He was suddenly dismissed by them at around 01.29 WIB,” A told CNNIndonesia.com, Thursday (12/13).

When dismissed, around 20 people opened the door of K’s car from the left, right, center and back. K’s windshield was suddenly destroyed and K’s cellphone was also seized by the mob.

“Someone shouted my husband was recording a video (riot). Even though my husband was reading WA from me and a family group. My husband’s cellphone was confiscated,” said A.

A said, according to her husband’s confession, the masses were mostly well-built. “Wearing free clothes is wearing a hat and using a trail bike. Then forcing my husband out while pulling my husband’s shirt torn,” he explained.

In the midst of the beatings, K was finally separated by several members of the mass. K was able to get out of the crowd when the car was damaged and the cellphone was taken away.

“My husband managed to escape from the crowd and they said ‘please don’t report it’,” said A.

Now, according to A, her husband must rest at home because he has bruises on his head and shoulders.

“Now I just feel in body aches and head because of being punched, kicked, and grabbed using a cable with them,” he stressed.

A claimed to have reported to the East Jakarta Police Station. He asked for accountability for the loss suffered by her husband. Moreover, her husband only works as an online taxi driver who needs a cellphone to support work.

“The cellphone is a tool for my husband’s livelihood. My husband’s account is also still on the cellphone,” he said.

Hundreds of mobs damaged and burned Mapolsek Ciracas, East Jakarta on Tuesday (11/12) night until Wednesday (12/13) morning. Allegedly, the arson was triggered by a case of beating members of the TNI in Cibubur, Monday (10/12).

The police have arrested the AP who allegedly ganged up on TNI members. The AP, based on the results of the initial interrogation, had the role of holding the victim and participating in the beating of two TNI members. The police are still hunting for three other actors namely the initials IW, H and D.