Mojokerto – Cooperation between pedicab drivers and conventional motorcycle taxis with online taxis at Mojokerto Station is colored by violent incidents. An online taxi driver was beaten by a pedicab driver because he considered violating the rules. The victim reported the beating to the police.

The victim is named Irwan (38), an online taxi driver who lives in Watesumpak Village, Trowulan District, Mojokerto Regency. The beating incident was experienced by Irwan when he picked up passengers in front of the Mojokerto station, Jalan Bhayangkara, Mojokerto City, Saturday (7/9) around 20.30 WIB.

The passengers he picked asked to be delivered to Mojosari, Mojokerto. Arriving in front of the station, Irwan claimed that he was immediately approached by a number of pedicab drivers. One of the pedicab drivers with the initials S (52) suddenly sent two hits on him. One of S’s hits hit Irwan’s right cheek.

“At the station there is a monthly fee for online taxis. I joined and paid a 4-month fee. A month ago I did not participate. At the time of the incident I was willing to pay, but it was quickly surrounded by pedicab drivers,” Irwan told AFP on Wednesday (11 / 9/2019).

As a result of this commotion, prospective passengers failed to get into Irwan’s car. This Jakarta-born online taxi driver claimed to have bruises on his right cheek. He also reported the beating to Mojokerto City Police.

“I have already had a post mortem in the hospital there is indeed a red wound on my right cheek,” he said.

Irwan said, so far the association of pedicab drivers and conventional motorcycle taxi drivers in Mojokerto Station applied a monthly fee of Rp 30 thousand for online taxi drivers. The money is divided up to Rp. 25 thousand for the pedicab drivers and conventional motorcycle taxi groups, while Rp. 5 thousand for the online taxi group cash.

“Passengers are also withdrawn Rp. 5 thousand. Even though we have already paid Rp. 30 thousand a month. Whereas in Bungurasih Terminal, it is only Rp. 2 thousand for a turnover if you get passengers,” he continued.

Coordinator of the pedicab drivers and conventional motorcycle taxi drivers Mojokerto Station Ahmad Kail, born (47), explained that the members with the initials S gave a raw punch to Irwan because he often acted. According to him, Irwan is no longer a member of the community at the station. But he was still determined to take the passengers of Mojokerto Station.

“I have removed him from here, no longer paying monthly fees. But still taking passengers without permission. That’s what makes my members emotional,” he explained.

Kail confirmed that all this time online taxi drivers who used to pick up passengers at Mojokerto Station were asked to pay a monthly fee of Rp 30 thousand. Of that amount, Rp. 25,000 is managed by conventional pedicab and motorcycle taxi drivers. While Rp. 5,000 is for the online taxi group cash. According to him, these contributions have become an agreement with all parties.

The number of online taxi drivers who pay monthly fees reaches 96 people. While the number of conventional pedicab and motorcycle taxi drivers in Mojokerto Station is 25 people. That number includes the parking attendants.

“We manage the money for the common good. For example, to repair our members’ rickshaws that are damaged, to buy drinking water that we put in our hangout,” he said.

Kail also confirmed that online taxi passengers were asked to pay IDR 5,000. “The Rp.5,000 is like compensation for pedicab drivers. Because pedicab drivers also provide services, carry passenger goods, deliver passengers from the station to online taxis,” he explained.

Kail hoped that Irwan would not necessarily bring the case to the legal domain. He requested that the beating incident carried out by its members be completed in a peaceful manner.

“What we are asking for is to sit together, don’t exaggerate the problem,” he concluded.