JAKARTA – East Jakarta Police Criminal Investigation Unit, secured two suspected car thieves with an online taxi order mode. One person was shot on the leg  when the officer  asked  to show the hiding place of his colleague.

The suspect Nurali and Edi Setiawan were arrested on Wednesday (4/4/2018) then at the Port of Merak when they would take away their stolen car. Nurali’s left foot was shot when he would try to run away and eventually had to limp.

Kasat Reskrim East Jakarta Police Criminal Investigator, AKBP Sapta Maulana said, the arrest of the perpetrators originated from the victim’s report in the name of Aan, 37. on Wednesday (4/4/2018) because the online taxi was robbed.

At that time, said Sapta, the victim received an online order (grab) at City Mall Jatinegara to be escorted to the Pisangan Lama area, Pulogadung, or rather the Cipinang Central Rice Market area. “Arriving at the location of the three perpetrators, holding the victim with two blades,” said Kasat.

The perpetrator also tied the victim’s hands with a plastic strap and made the victim’s eyes and mouth next to the cemetery Casablanka, Tebet. “The condition of the victim was found in a state of hand tied and the eyes and mouth were carried out by the perpetrator,” continued Sapta.

For the incident, Aan reported to the East Jakarta Police Station. Armed with the victim’s information and GPS in the victim’s car, the team immediately moved quickly. “GPS equipment in the car helps us to know where the perpetrators are,” Sapta said.

It can monitor the whereabouts of the car unit and the culprit who are known for their last position. Do not want the suspect to leave the officers immediately chased. “One of our perpetrators secured it at Merak when we were going to take the car to Lampung,” said Sapta.

Edi was first arrested following the car which was then to be taken to Lampung. From his confession, Edi carried out a robbery with two of his colleagues who were finally able to arrest Nurali. “However, when asked to show the hiding of one other RB (DPO) actor the perpetrator tried to run away so we took decisive action,” said Sapta.

At present, Kasat continued, his party is still hunting for one other actor whose hiding place is known. While the two perpetrators were arrested, languishing in the East Jakarta police police detention room. “We will snare the two perpetrators with Article 365 of the Criminal Code with the threat of a 12-year prison sentence,” he concluded.


source http://poskotanews.com/2018/04/11/sopir-taksi-online-dirampok-dibuang-di-kuburan-pelakunya-dibekuk/